Mountain biking

Go biking in Levi

Mountain biking in Levi


In Levi you can go mountain biking throughout the year, but the most versatile possibilities are available from June to autumn. Memorable cycling experiences are created by the light of the nightless night, or the autumn colours of nature. During the nightless night in Northern Lapland, from the end of May to the end of July, is a perfect time to enjoy cycling despite the time of day! The most beautiful colours in Levi can be seen in September.

Levi offers many kinds of environment for mountain biking, such as wide roads,
fast tracks and technical rock and stub trails. The dense network of trails and routes invites you to discover them.The rewards for you are unforgettable experiences and new favourite locations in various spots around the fell. The locals prefer the Levi fell tour and the many paths of Kätkätunturi.
There are also longer trails available, for example the marked routes from Levi all the way to Ylläs.
Because of its central location, Levi is the gateway to Northern Lapland’s unique nature and various biking opportunities. Heading to the national park of Pallas–Yllästunturi the diversity goes on and on. As an example, on the way to Ylläs you can see Aakenus right next to your route.

The friends of speed can also try taking the bike uphill with a lift to Levi Bike Park  and various MTB enduro routes across the fell. You don't even need your own equipment, because everything you need is easily rentable on-site. Within Levi’s unique setting you can get addicted to speed and rewarded by development, followed by an opportunity to see the entire fell with its opportunities in a new light.

At first, the wide-wheeled “fatbike” looks suspect to many, but once you try it, you will be easily captivated! It is even more addictive, when you add an electric motor to assist you on the most demanding inclines.  With the electric fat-bike, you can see the whole of Levi change into a playground, which puts a smile on your face.

Try, for example, to peddle the road to Levi peak with a normal bike and compare it to an electrically assisted bike. You will see and especially feel the difference in your legs!

Bike rentals

Electronic map service

Levi is a rewarding place for outdoor activities and shows the beauty of  Lappish landscape. Now you may plan your daily running, biking, hiking and cross-country skiing tours with your tablet or smart phone using Levi Track Service. When you take your phone along, the electric map follows you where ever you go.


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