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Remote Work in Levi

Come work remotely in Levi

Enjoy the best leisure acitivities in your free time. Combine remote working and holidaying with our accommodation offers – 4 weeks starting from 950€.

Do the walls feel like they are crashing in on you in your home office? Do you need peace and quiet to work? Levi has carefully prepared for the increased demand for remote work facilities and will be the first to offer travel packages for working remotely. Work from morning till midday, go outside for lunch and continue the workday until dusk falls in the afternoon.

Levi has plenty of opportunities for your recreational activities that ensure even remote workers spend their free time comfortably outside while playing sports and enjoying nature.  

– Working remotely has become the norm for work that allows people the freedom to change their environment, i.e. in pursuit of their hobbies/recreational activities. A change of environment and a momentary detachment from everyday life will certainly refresh your mind, says Katja Rauhala, head of Visit Levi’s sales team. 

Inquiries for holiday homes for the longer period of rental, please call us +358 16 639 3370, or mail 

Remote work in Levi


Safe private remote office space with private entrance and restroom. Address: Keskuskuja 2. 

innovation home

With Innovation Home Levi you get all this:

  • coworking space

  • downstairs, more private space for meetings

  • a kitchen with a special coffee machine (coffee included)

  • Elisa 5G connection

  • black and white prints

  • advertising space in the showroom window

  • innovative office with Lapland scenery and snowboard display

  • flexible working hours 24/7

Reservations and more information

Remote working is also possible in holiday homes

Many holiday home owners have invested in equipping their holiday homes for remote working. Ask us about apartments that are equipped with wifi and a separate remote workstation. You can contact us by email or by phone 016 639 3370)

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