5 reasons to work remotely from Levi
Mökkikuva Linkola

5 reasons to work remotely from Levi

Remote work offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy Levi at any time. And here are five reasons to do so.

1 – A break from the day-to-day

Instead of the walls at home or divider in the office, how would you like to rest your eyes on the impressive timber of a pine snag villa, a roaring fireplace, or a fell landscape through a picture window? Remote work in Levi allows you to take a refreshing break from the daily grind. For example, if you work in the morning until lunch and continue again in the evening, you will have time to hike on the fells or ski in fresh powder. In the evenings, you can reset your mind in the warm sauna or gaze at the Northern Lights under the starlit skies.

2 – Arctic nature at your fingertips

When you step out of your cabin door, you are immediately surrounded by the calming nature, breathing in fresh, clean air. If you take a fifteen-minute walking break in the middle of your day, you can, depending on the season, encounter reindeer, pick berries, admire the sun setting behind the fell, or listen to the snow crunch under your boots. Many remote workers enjoy the peace of nature outside the traditional vacations seasons.

3 – Unique acitivity opportunities

Levi offers a wealth of opportunities for various activities. The nearest ski track or mountain bike trail is never far from the door of your accommodations. In addition to the expansive scenery, the fells offer plenty of things to do: Hiking, skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, far biking, or meditating with the wind humming in your ears. Your brain will thank you and be ready for new ideas.

4 – Comprehensive services in compact package

Levi offers solid range of basic services you would expect in a city, including doctors an a pharmacy, but in the compact village everything is within a walking distance. The extensive range of restaurants is better than in many small towns, which means that remote workers have access to lunch menus and local delicacies. And if you stay at the heart of Levi, you don't even need a car.

5 – Eight seasons

As Levi goes stratight from autumn colours to first snow, we don't suffer frost heave or miserable weather. The first snowfall leads us gently to the atmospheric polar winter and the snowy paradise that is midwinter, which is followed by crusted snow under the spring sun. Around May, the sun melts away the snow and ice, with the annual cycle culminating in midnight sun.

Working remotely in Levi allows you to enjoy each season. When would you prefer to join us?

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