3 x Levi colour
Keltainen auringonlasku

3 x Levi colour

Yellow, Green, Red..


The sunlight in Levi is amazing and manifold. On a summer night, it turns into an almost transparent shade of pure white. During winter, the sun shines off the snow bursting into thousands of rays painting the landscape golden yellow. 


A light splits the black sky. The glow shining through the chasm is such a deep green that you can almost lose yourself in it. The green dance of the Northern Lights can be witnessed over a hundred times a year in Levi


During the autumn foliage season, a red hue creeps up the fells. A colour deeper and more intense than anywhere else in the world. In the Särestöniemi Museum, in Kaukonen, you can witnes show this amazing artist, Reidar Särestöniemi, captured that special shade in his works.  

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