Aurora Borealis in Levi

Aurora Borealis in Levi

Look to the north, and you'll soon see a fascinating dance in the sky.

People come to Levi in search of unforgettable experiences. The colourful flames dancing in the sky take your breath away and seem to transport you to a different reality. Experiencing the Northern Lights is a magical moment, and you never become tired of the glorious sight. Wherever you look, the explosion of colour is a memorable experience. The majestic colours in the dark sky are entrancing. There is only now.

The enchanting Northern Light emerge when the nights begin to darken in August. Autumn is the best time to enjoy the Northern Lights, as the ground is still black and there is less ambient light to interfere with your observations. The Northern Lights are also more active in the autumn than in the winter. Seeing the Northern Lights reflected in the surface of water or ice is a unique once in a lifetime experience. See if you can record the memory with your camera.

Riippumatto ja revontulet syksy

TIP: The best way to spot the Northern Lights is under a clear, dark northern sky.

The Northern Lights are part of life in Lapland just like the stars and the moon. You may not always notice them, but they have to be there. According to an old myth, the Northern Lights are sparks flinging of the tail of the Firefox as it runs through the dark forest. The actual reason for the Northern Lights are charged solar wind particles hitting the Earth's atmosphere some hundred kilometers above sea level.

Levintunturi revontulet

TIP: A great place to spot the Northern Lights is the top of Levi.

When the Northern Lights are particularly active, you can even hear the sound they produce. It resembles the sound you hear in a car when driving with the window down. It is a low, faint noise that varies and is transmitted through some as of yet unknown mechanism when the conditions are right. An undulating hum that may also include a hiss, whooshing, or pops. Keep your ears open. You might hear a rare symphony from the skies.

Terhi Tuovinen

TIP: The Northern Lights are associated with different myths and beliefs in many cultures.

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