8 seasons of Levi – Season of crusted snow
Levi hankikanto kevät likulumikengät

8 seasons of Levi – Season of crusted snow

Long, sun-filled days on the snow, taking steps towards spring.

The first ray of sun in the spring inspires visitors to try winter sports. The crustes snow will support your weight, and the sun caresses the face.

Have you always dreamt of riding a dog sled, speeding through the snowy landscape with the wind in your face? Then Levi in the spring is the place for you. The warm, late-winter rays of sunlight glisten on the white snow, inviting you out to try various activities. Grab a thermos and enjoy the magnificent scenery. The firm snow supports you as you walk in the warm embrace of the sun. You can't help but smile and feel joyous.

Winter Sports Paradise
Levi's smooth-gliding slopes and wide ski trails offer you a meditative and wholesome holiday experience.

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