Christmas dinners in Levi

Christmas dinners in Levi

In Levi Christmas includes good and tasty food. You can enjoy a delicious Christmas dinner in one of the many restaurants.

Information about menus are updated as the fall progresses, so changes are possible.

Christmas Eve 24.12.2023

Gastro K.

Three-course menu

Christmas menu

Mixed plate of Christmas flavors (L, G)
Mushroom salad, graved whitefish,
cold smoked salmon mousse, stuffed
egg with cold smoked reindeer paste
malt bread


Reindeer tenderloin (L)
Potatoes, red wine sauce,
carrot purée


Gingerbread cheesecake (L, G)

Vegan Christmas menu

Mixed plate (Veg, G)
Mushroom salad, vegan herring,
vegan salmon, smoked tofu paste,
malt bread

Vegan ham (Veg)
Potatoes, red wine sauce,
carrot purée

Blackcurrant cake (Veg)

Price: 68,00€

Northern Lights Ranch

Christmas Eve Dinner 24.12 at 4.30pm / 5pm & 7pm / 8pm

Santa Claus visits at the restaurant on Christmas Eve between 6.30 - 7.30.


Green Salad
Smoked Whitefish
Gravlax and Sour Cream with Dill
Fish Roe and Sour Cream
Pickled Baltic Herring
Mustard Herring
Smoked Fish Mousse
Slow cooked Reindeer with Lingonberry
Sweet Potatoes with Ginger and Coriander
Pumpkin and Rosemary
Rosolli Salad
Roasted Beef with Red Onion Compote
Forest Mushroom Salad
Curd Cheese
Boiled Potatoes
Christmas Bread and Butter
Traditional Roasted Organic Ham with Sauce
Roasted Turkey
Traditional Finnish Casseroles: Carrot, Potato and Rutabaga
Braised Plums, Stewed Cabbage and Peas
Christmas Pie with Plum Marmalade
Gingerbread Cookies
Assortment of Cheeses and Fruits
Christmas Chocolate Surprise
Blackcurrant Cheesecake

Price 85 € / person (43 € / child 3-12 yrs.)
Drinks and possible other purchases will be charged on site based on consumption along with the menus.
More information and reservations: by email or by calling +358 44 770 0541

Restaurant Horizont

Christmas dinner 24.12.​, settings at 4 pm and 7 pm

Finnish malt bread and brown butter​
Pickled cucumber, smetana and honey ​
Marinated beetroot, balsamico marinated red onion and ​goat cheese mousse​
Roe mousse​
Herring caviar​
Baltic herring w. sea buckthorn​
Sugar salt curved salmon and ​carrot marmelade​
Country style pate with raspberry vinegrette​
Beef seasoned w. rosemary, horseradish mayonnaise and ​lingonberries​
Christmas salmon and cranberry sauce​
Smoked christmas ham and creamy cognac sauce​
Root – potatoe cake with honey
Gingerbread spiced mudcake and gingermousse​
Sticky date cake, lingonberries and home made caramel
Creme brulee and cloudberries​

Price 69,90 € / person (34,90 €/child 5-11yrs., under 5yrs inquiries separately)
Drinks and possible other purchases will be charged on-site based on consumption ​
along with the menus. Limited amount of seats!​

Reservations: tel. 040 706 7573 or email​

Restaurant Riihi

Christmas Eve Dinner on 24th December, from 5 PM to 10 PM

Green Salad
Mushroom Salad
Manor Beet Salad
Christmas Herring
Caviar Cake
Meat Casserole
Game Delicacies
Cranberry Jelly
Cumberland Sauce
Christmas Bread, Butter
Honey-Glazed Ham
Apple Sauce
Boiled Potatoes
Carrot Casserole
Mashed Potato Casserole
Rutabaga-Apple Mash
Red Onion Relish
Traditional Brita Cake

Price: 62€. Reservations: info@immelkartano.fiAll dishes are lactose-free, please inform us of any other dietary requirements in advance!
Please note that Riihi Restaurant's Christmas Eve dinner is for adults only.


Traditional Christmas table on December 24th.
Setting from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

Finnish squeaky cheese salad
Mushroom salad
Beetroot salad with beetroot foam
Herring in various ways
Graved salmon
Marinated whitefish
Smoked salmon
Caviar and sour cream mousse

Smoked Christmas ham
House sauce
Turkey roll
Game stew
Boiled potatoes
Carrot casserole
Swede casserole
Sweetened potato casserole
Beetroot and goat cheese casserole
Roasted vegetables

Traditional Finnish dark bread
House Christmas bread

Cold cuts
Cheese platter

Glogg mousse
Gingerbread cookies
Christmas pastries
Glogg (non-alcoholic mulled wine)

Price: €59/person, children 5-11 years old €29
Reservations and additional information: or +358405095521

Christmas Day 25.12.2023

Christmas Day dinners coming up soon

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