Levi Bike Fest
Alamäkipyöräilijä Bike Park

Levi Bike & Outdoor Fest 2022

Downhill and mud at the opening events of Levi Bike & Outdoor Fest

Levi Bike & Outdoor Fest began spectacularly on Saturday 16th July, when Finland's best downhill bikers challenged themselves on a long route at Levi Bike Park and NUTS MTB Ylläs-Levi offered muddy trails on three different routes.

Weather for NUTS MTB Ylläs-Levi was rainy, which made the route challenging especially on the sections with plenty of roots. This year, the race included 11 different categories on three different routes. The new distance, 75 km, gathered the most participants with Juha Kangaskokko riding to an overwhelming victory in the men's category with a time of 3:42:30. Maria Mikkonen also celebrated a superior victory in the women's 75 km distance with a time of 4:33:54. In Ylläs-Levi's traditional 55 km distance, Jani Virta cleared the route fastest in the men's category with a time of 2:44:13. The victory in the women's race was celebrated by Laura Ollila, who, with her winning time of 2:53:37, would have been second in the men's race as well. Otto Paajanen and Anu Kiiveri-Sahila celebrated victories in the 55 km e-bike category. The event's shortest distance of 30 km started from Pyhäjärvi and Teemu Hakkarainen was the first to cross the finish line, stopping the clock at 1:42:06. The victory of the women's race was celebrated by Noora Saarenpää with a time of 2:28:19.

- We received very good feedback from the participants about the route, as it offered varied terrain along its entire length. Many participants were participating for the first time and hopefully will come again next year, when the route will be driven in the opposite direction, from Levi to Ylläs, says Satu Pesonen, CEO of Visit Levi.

All series results here.

NUTS MTB Ylläs-Levi 2022 pyöräilijä

Fierce race against the clock in downhill mountain biking

The downhill bikers showed their courage and technical skills on Levi's long and demanding route, which had tree roots, stones, potholes, jumps and steep sections. The course was 1.7 km long and the fastest pace was held by Tarmo Ryynänen of the men's class, whose race run lasted only 2:15,05. There were a total of 67 participants, youngest of whom were only 10 years old, competing for the Finnish championship title in seven different classes.

- The best bikers in Finland participated in the race and the level was good. The participants liked the track and praised that it was nice to be able to ride the Finnish championship races on such a long track. In the south of Finland, the duration of the race runs is usually about 40 seconds. The track in Levi required good physical fitness and offered speed and different line options, says Vintek Cup Levi's race director Timo Hovi.

Levi Bike & Outdoor Fest continues until Saturday 23rd of July and offers activities and experiences for the whole family.

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