Levi is the neatest place in Finland - the village's own voluntary cleaning week 30.5–5.6.2022
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Levi is the neatest place in Finland - the village's own voluntary cleaning week 30.5–5.6.2022

A voluntary cleaning week will be held in the Levi village from 30th of May to 5th June 2022. As the snow has melted, trash has been revealed again and it’s time to clean up the village of 900 inhabitants. Residents, companies and tourists areall challenged to join the cleaning week.

The residents, companies and associations of the village of Sirkka, known as a tourist center, are doing their own part by tidying up the village, the fell and the residential and cottage areas for the beginning of the summer. Levi Ski Resort, Visit Levi, Sammuntupa, Levi Wellness Club and the municipality of Kittilä are already taking part in the cleaning week.

- Kittilä is a nature community and we value our nature very highly. It is important that the areas are clean, whether it isthe built environment or the landscape. In a clean and tidy place, people also feel better and it is an attraction for the municipality of Kittilä. I hope that as many people as possible will take part in the cleaning process. As a community, important work is being done for the whole municipality and nature. It will also make you feel good doing it, says Jari Rantapelkonen, mayor of Kittilä.

As the only Nordic ski resort with an ISO 14001 environmental certificate, Levi Ski Resort collected 1180 kg of rubbish from the fell on last year's cleaning day.

- Respecting and nurturing the environment have long been our company's core values, and we want to take responsibility for the well-being and cleanliness of our fell. In the wake of winter, there is often an unfortunate amount of trash, which is exposed from under the snow when spring comes. Last year, as a result of our company's cleaning day, we collected 1180 kg of rubbish from the fell. We now want to inspire both tourists and residents of Levi to take part in the cleaning process and make Levi an even cleaner place together, says Jouni Palosaari, CEO of Levi Ski Resort.

The sensitive Arctic environment of Lapland and Levi needs special attention, and we want to get rid of litter. For this reason, the municipality of Kittilä, Visit Levi and Levi Ski Resort have jointly commissioned signs to be placed in different parts of Levi and Kätkätunturi. The signs remind everyone to make sure that no rubbish is thrown or left on the ground, at camprire sites or along the trails.

- If everyone respected the nature of Levi and its inhabitants, there would not even be a need to organize such a cleaning day. In principle, every local as well as a tourist must collect their own rubbish. It feels unbelievable that some people see it as their right to, for example, throw empty cans from a ski lift or leave their rubbish in nature in places that it does not belong to. We want to be hospitable and welcome everyone, but at the same time, we want the place to be kept clean for both tourists and locals. Levi is our beloved home and a much-anticipated holiday destination for many, says Visit Levi's CEO Satu Pesonen.

As part of the cleaning week, there is a rubbish container near Zero Point, where the collected rubbish can be taken. During the week, you can pick up garbage bags, disposable gloves and trash pickers from Zero Point during its opening hours from 10 am to 6 pm. On Friday 3rd of June from 4pm we will clean up the village together.

Three ways to get involved:
1. Clean up the area of your company / holiday apartment / residence from rubbish, scrap, etc.
2. Clean up at your own pace during the week.
3. Let's clean together! Come on Friday 3.6. at 4pm to Zero Point where we will divide the areas and clean the village into summer condition together.

After the cleaning, all participants are welcome to come enjoy the sauna at Sammuntupa on Friday from 7pm onwards.

All participants in the cleaning week will receive a week of free training time at Levi Wellness Club:
1. Participate in the cleaning week
2. Take a picture of yourself collecting trash
3. Sendthe picture to Levi Wellness Club on WhatsApp +358 400232641 and get one week of summer training time for yourself! (Training time to be used by 31.7.2022).
If you do not want to send the picture, please provide your contact information on Friday 3.6. at 4pmat Zero Point to the event organizers.

Cleaning your own village on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/530519991786018

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