Feel Levi – Crystal clear mind
Feel Levi heijastus ruoppakängäs

Feel Levi – Crystal clear mind

You see your face reflected in the lake. Both the water’s surface and your mind are calm. Stop to examine what you see – the image framed by the infinite sky and the dark forest. They teach you something new about yourself.  

Body and mind are one

The water has carried stones polished by time to the shore. Throw one in the water. Watch the image shatter and create rings.  

In our daily lives, our thoughts tend to find patterns and follow the same old paths. When you give yourself a chance to wonder, be enchanted, experience something new – your mind begins to form new thoughts. The ripples created by a small stone can create big waves. 

Your senses pave the way to within. The earth grounds you in this moment and reminds you of the importance of slowing down. The lightness of air invites you to dance. Water is strong enough to shape even the hardest of rocks, so why not you?

Feel Levi heijastus maisema

A human has 70,000 thoughts in a day. To feel your mind unload itself is monumental. Suddenly, your soul reflects the enormous mystery of nature.  

See yourself in a new light up north

A step off the beaten path. A smile to a stranger passing by. Getting on a snowmobile or climbing the highest peak, even though your nerves makes your legs shake.  

Thoughts are actions of the mind. When you decide to do things differently, your thoughts, too, will change. Your inner voice finds new words. Its tone becomes admiring.  

Nature up north offers a chance to change your view and to step outside yourself. To notice things that in the rush of everyday life are lost. 

Feel Levi heijastus vesi

Pure mind. The north frees your mind from restless wandering. 

A spark in the eyes

The bright look in the eyes of a passerby reflects the deepest tones of your soul.  

Nature creates a feeling of acceptance. The connection with your surroundings and to yourself sets your soul ablaze 

ruoppaköngäs kesä

Water receives. Nature accepts you for who you are. 

Feel Levi heijastus lasit

Look inward. The expansive scenery makes room for the landscape of one’s own soul. 

Feel Levi heijastus sup

Towards something new. The curious, adventurous mind seeks the presence of water. 

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