Feel Levi – On top of the world
Feel Levi vapaus pyörä

Feel Levi – On top of the world

The day is full of dreams, just waiting to be fulfilled. There is endless space and time underneath the infinite sky.  

Fells set you free to dream

From the top of the fell, the view is limitless. The bluethroat, the nightingale of Lapland, chirps its song from the highest branch of the mountain birch, then spreads its wings, exposing its mighty blue and red chest. Its silhouette is drawn against the blue of the sky. A feeling of weightlessness sweeps through you. 

The mind is filled with wonder: In this moment, nothing is impossible.  

The yearning for freedom, dormant for so long, rises to the surface. Up north, it is safe to answer its call. 

The North is full of promise

The brightness of the evening carries with it a promise of spring. Allow your being to soften. Notice your skin tone brighten, your posture improve, the stiffness is gone. Your horizons broaden. The burden you’ve carried with you the eternal hurry and the demands of everyday life - melt away.  

Feel Levi vapaus ratsastus

The North is remote, almost at the other end of the planet. The journey there promises a new beginning. It is a promise to give space to the budding thoughts in your mind, and permission to leap outside of your comfort zone. Or to simply listen to yourself. 

Feel levi vapaus melonta

Movement requires presence. Your senses sharpen. Observe the play of the water, the misty fells on the horizon, the feel of rough tree bark against your palm. The completeness of every single detail makes the blood in your veins run wild. What you feel is freedom.   

Dare to surpass yourself

Adventure awaits outside of your comfort zone. Every step towards the unknown changes your perception of yourself. Free yourself of unnecessary fears.  

Tunne Levi freedom-2

Afterwards, life feels more impassioned and invigorating. Your legs are jelly but your mind races wild with joy. You want to shout your happiness out from the rooftops. Something profound is happening. Something revolutionary that will change everything. 

Feel Levi vapaus

Go for a walk without a destination. Let intuition guide your steps. Wherever you go, feel free to stay or move on. For a moment, all you need is here and now.. 

Nature allows you room to breathe 

The North is a state of mind that follows you everywhere. It doesn’t demand anything of you, rush you, or remind you of your obligations. The background noise of thoughts grows quiet.   

Feel Levi vapaus seikkailu

The rugged landscape in your mind instills in you the kind of peace you’ve never experienced before. You are free to be present.