Feel Levi – The miracle of silence
maisema vaeltaja tunturi

Feel Levi – The miracle of silence

You don't need words. The landscape invites you to be a part of the endless peace that echoes in the vast wilderness. Nobody is there to hear it but you. The moment is yours, and yours alone. 

Water calms the tidal waves of the mind

The shores of the lake are completely silent. The ears become sensitive to the faintest of sounds. They detect the eternal song of the treetops, the swarming of ants on their mounds, the distant burble of the fell stream.  

The level of noise in our everyday lives keeps growing. We are so used to constant sound that silence may become hard to handle. The quiet of the North does not intrude. It invites you to rest. In Levi, even the muted whine of a mosquito can feel relaxing.

The pitter-patter of rain, the burble of a stream, or the gentle splash of a paddle on a serene surface. The subtle sounds of water have a soothing effect. Many feel pressure to perform, to achieve, and to succeed. Being by the water allows you to loosen up and to just receive. All of life’s answers don’t always come from within. 

Feel Levi hiljaisuus sup

Listen to the quietness between you. It creates a connection that carries for years to come. You speak the same language – the language of silence. 

Change demands a full stop 

The jingle of a reindeer’s bell. The crackling of a campfire. The squelching sound of moss underneath your feet. The soft hiss of a stove. The howl of huskies underneath the starry sky. The rattle and hum of northern lights, and the landscape sharpened by the cold. The sighs of wind from the fells. The cheers echoing from races. 

Stop and listen to the sounds around you. Breathe and sense the moments on the edge of silence. In silence, there is no need to stay alert and to wait for what happens next.  

30 decibels is considered silence. It is the sound of a whisper. The magical quiet of Lapland invites you to rest. 

Feel Levi hiljaisuus pyörä

Wind from the fells. When the wheel stops turning, the wind from the fells whispers secrets from times past. 

Feel Levi nuotio hiljaisuus

Sparkling ideas. Silence is a way to guide your brain on the fruitful paths of aimless wandering.

Feel Levi hiljaisuus kylä

Good morning! The village quietens, but doesn’t stop talking. The sunlight plays on silent yards in the early morning hours