Hay in your shoes
Ruskamaraton juoksija nainen

Hay in your shoes

What happens when you combine Levi, young men and the1980s? Marathon happens, of course.

IN THE BEGINNING of the1980s young men in the northern town of Kittilä pondered they should exercise more.

They founded Heinäkengät (meaning hay in the shoes because Sámi people traditionally used hay as insulation in their boots), a sports and exercise association. It has been organising the Ruskamaraton (ruska means the autumnal colours) running event in Levi since 1984.

There were 27 participants in the first marathon. In 2017 there were more than 2500 runners participating in the events.

- During the early years most of us organisers ran the half marathon while also organising the event, says Allan Naukkarinen, a member since the beginning.

Run a marathon in Levi amidst the autumnal colours of September.

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