Lapland O Week 2024
Lapland O Week kilpailija

Lapland O Week 2024

An unforgettable orienteering experience in the magnificent nature of Levi.

The Lapland O Week orienteering event will be held in Levi next summer from 20th to 25th of July, 2024. The Lapland O Week is known for its relaxed and immersive atmosphere, making it a suitable event for orienteers of all levels and ages.

This enriching orienteering week offers challenges and orienteering routes for everyone. There's no need to be a top orienteer – the event is open to everyone interested in orienteering.

– In the Lapland O Week, experience is a priority. The event locations have excellent services and fun activities for all participants. Children and families are also taken into account, and there's no need to drive to the start locations; everything is nearby, says Antti Vainio, the event manager of the Lapland O Week.

Adventure and Community

The Lapland O Week offers a unique opportunity to experience orienteering in the magnificent nature of Lapland and spend quality time with family and friends. The beautiful landscapes of Levi and its excellent services provide the perfect setting for an unforgettable orienteering adventure.

– The unique nature of Lapland makes orienteering an experience. Here, you can enjoy untouched forests and stunning open-fell landscapes. Instead of the fields, rocks, and dense forests of the south, there's more accessible terrain and open fells. Levi also has more challenging orienteering routes for experienced orienteers," says Antti Vainio, the event manager of the Lapland O Week.

Usually, about a thousand orienteers participate in the event, bringing with them families, friends, and supporters. A fantastic atmosphere and community spirit await.

– The Lapland O Week format is flexible and diverse. Each participant can choose suitable courses for themselves daily from 10 different courses. The courses vary by skill level and distance; every day there are long and shorter courses available. In total, about 50 control points are available each day. Additionally, there's a competitive series called "Wilderness Kings," which includes Finland's top orienteers, including national team orienteers, explains Antti Vainio.

– It's fantastic that Levi was chosen as the location for the Lapland O Week in 2024. We warmly welcome everyone interested in orienteering to Levi. We hope that those who have visited Levi before will be inspired to try the sport and explore the terrain from a new perspective. The concept of the Lapland O Week as a low-threshold event is a great approach to outdoor activities and challenging oneself. We also encourage orienteers to make use of other services in the area during the off-days. Levi's program services offer activities for the whole family, says Pilvi Mäenpuro, the event manager of Visit Levi.

The Lapland O Week is held concurrently with the Levi Bike & Outdoor Fest.

Event Details:

  • Date: 20th to 25th of July, 2024

  • Suitable for orienteers of all ages

  • No pre-registration required, you can arrive and start orienteering immediately

  • Competitive series "Wilderness Kings," featuring top orienteers.

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