Levi & Lapland road tripping
maisema vaeltaja tunturi

Levi & Lapland road tripping

 Discover six interesting places to visit by motorbike or by car.

1) The top of Levitunturi

The easiest way to enjoy Levi is to head to the top of Levitunturi. There are pitstops along the way worth visiting, to admire the scenary, such as Hotel Levi Panorama and and panoramic restaurant Tuikku. The Tunturi road continues after the Lammaskuru and Tuikku car parks, taking you almost to the top of Levitunturi. If you wish, you can continue on foot for a short distance and visit the top of Levitunturi fell – the views are guaranteed to reward you. It is also nice to combine a tour around Levitunturi and admire the scenery from the top of Utsuvaara, for example.

2) Pallastunturit fells  

There are also nice landscapes and places worth exploring in the fells near Levi. A favourite with many motorcyclists or road trippers is a visit to the national landscapes of Pallas from Levi towards Muonio. Lake Jerisjärvi and Lake Särkijärvi along the route offer first-class sceneries and the chance to make a memorable trip. Pallastunturit, with its many peaks, is an impressive sight: the highest point of Taivaskerko rises to 809 metres. At the southern end of Lake Pallasjärvi is Punainenhiekka (Red Sand), a beach that glows in glorious colours as its name suggests. 

3) Yllästunturi fell

You can also enjoy the scenery by heading from Levi towards Kittilä and around the neighbouring ski resort of Ylläs. The Maisematie (Scenery Road) connecting Ylläsjärvi and Äkäslompolo is made for atmospheric cruising with spectacular scenery. From Äkäslompolo, the route continues northwards to the Aakunuksentie, which leads back to Kittilä and Levi. Alternatively, you can continue all the way to Pallas and thus combine Levi's two most famous neighbours in a three-fell tour. 

4) Sacred Taatsin seita

The sheltered Taatsin seita on the shores of Lake Taatsijärvi is one of Lapland's most famous sites of ancient worship and sacrifice. Around the ten-metre-high stone pillar are still old animal bones and horns. A nice spot to visit, easily accessible from Levi, heading towards the village of Köngäs and from there on towards Pokka. The journey is leisurely along long straight gravel road. Please note the condition of the gravel road when driving. The logical stopping point is the legendary Tieva-Bar in the village of Pokka. After the Taatsin seita, you can continue all the way to Inari.

5) Via Pajala to Sweden

For those wishing to visit other countries, an interesting route runs via Kolari to Pajala and from there along the Torniojoki Valley southwards to Haparanda. The Swedish side of the route changes not only the language and currency, but also the scenery and the range of shops and restaurants. The best shopping is in Haparanda, from where it is easy to continue southwards to Finland or to Sweden more widely.

6) Norway and the Arctic Ocean

The journey from Levi to Norway and all the way to the Arctic Ocean is a trip to remember. Please allow plenty of time for this, as there are many possibilities to stop along the way just to admire the stunning scenery in awe. Fjords, mountains, waterfalls and sparkling sea are the reward. Great routes are Levi-Alta-Tromssa and Levi-Tromssa-Narvik. A less travelled route from Levi leads via Inari, Utsjoki and Nuorgam to Varanger Fjord. Pykeija, also known as Little Finland, is a true gem worth a visit.

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