Levi as a base camp – 5 unique places to visit
Kesä Pallas kansallispuisto maisema

Levi as a base camp – 5 unique places to visit

Levi is situated ideally also for taking excursions. Here are five fascinating spots to combine to your trip during summer and autumn before snow falls.


The fell with its many peaks is a magnificent sight: the highest one, Taivaskero, is at 809 metres. Pallas is one of the national landscapes of Finland. The paths exhibit the plant and animal life characteristic to Lapland.


The solitary fell beckons you to do a day trip. Primeval forest is home to rare wildlife and pine trees that are over 200 years old. There is an old fireguard lodge at the summit.


One of the best known ancient places of worship is situated on the north-western shore of Taatsijärvi lake. There are still animal bones and antlers around the ten-metre high megalith. Time seems to stand still at this preserved site.

113 KM PAJALA, Sweden

If you are interested in visiting Sweden, take the Kolari-Pajala route and then from Tornionjokilaakso to Haaparanta. Cross the border and you will experience a new language and currency, and different restaurants. Haaparanta offers a wide variety of shopping possibilities.

423 KM Arctic Ocean, Norway

Devote time for a trip to Norway. That’s how stunning the scenery along the road is. Levi–Alta–Tromssa and Levi–Tromssa–Narvik are spectacular routes. Mountains, fjords, water-falls and the shimmering blue sea makes you forget the long drive.

  • Levi-Alta 350 km

  • Levi-Tromssa 423 km

  • Levi-Narvik 473 km

NB! There is no public transportation to these destinations. Rent a car or ask for organised excursions fromVisit Levi.

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