Levi for children
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Levi for children

The most fun places for kids in Levi.

1. Adventure Park

"You will be strapped into a harness and you can climb and conquer different tracks. It's so much fun."

Address: The Adventure park is located in the Activity Park.

2. Cinema Levi Summit

"I like going to the cinema there. You can take the stairs all the way up and see the lovely scenery. I like looking at the shapes of the snowladen trees. A tree might, for example, look just like a dog"

Address: Tunturitie 205, Levi.

3. Traffic park and playgound

"I visit this playground often. There is a basketball court, a football pitch and a skate park. You can also drive around in a pedal car."

Address: Gondolitie 1.

Tips by a local Elli, 10 years old.

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