Downhill biking at Levi
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Downhill biking at Levi

Levi Bike Park, Lapland's first bike park, offers 25 kilometers of diverse trails, to beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike. Above all, it's a fantastic adventure for cyclists of all levels and ages.

Ride up the mountain with a lift and pedal down winding trails

Levi provides the perfect setting for your first Bike Park experience. Levi Bike Park consists of a network of downhill and enduro trails with different difficulty levels. Beginners can enjoy easy green and blue trails, while experienced cyclists can challenge themselves on harder red and black trails. Access to the starting points of the trails is provided by the Gondola2000 lift, where breathtaking views of the Tunturi Lapland await.

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Cycling with an instructor - Key to a better downhill biking experience

As a beginner, you don't need to worry because Levi Bike Park offers basic courses throughout the summer. During the course, you'll learn everything you need for safe and enjoyable downhill biking. An experienced instructor will help you familiarize yourself with the trails at a suitable skill level and ensure your safety throughout the journey.

Trails for all levels

Levi Bike Park offers trails for both easy and challenging riding. The Village Trail is Levi's longest, over four kilometers long, featuring beautiful scenery along with easy turns and, if desired, the thrill of speed. The Santa's Cabin trail is designed for slightly more experienced riders, while the World Cup DH Black offers challenges even for experienced drivers. One of Levi Bike Park's most popular trails is Blue Groove, which is a blue trail! In the summer of 2024, a new training area will also be built in Levi, where beginners can enjoy the green lines next to the carpet lift.

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Downhill Biking – How does it work?

Downhill biking can be a bit exciting for beginners, but here's a short list of tips to make trying downhill biking a bit easier during your first Levi trip. Who knows, a new hobby might even emerge!

→ Book an instructor

Join a basic course or book a private instructor. If you've never biked downhill before, it might be better to go with an instructor to get instructions and insider tips. The best way to sit/stand? How to take turns? How to brake safely? We ensure that with an instructor, your experience is more enjoyable and better.

Even if you've skipped this stage, it may still be worthwhile to book an instructor. A few hours with a good instructor is the key to success. The instructor will provide tips on improving your riding technique and choosing suitable lines. Read more about Bike Park coaching here.

→ Rent a bike

At the Bike Park rental shop, you'll get help choosing a bike that's the right size and skill level for you. The bikes are always serviced and in top condition.

→ Protective gear

You can also rent protective gear (includes body armor, helmet, knee pads) from the Bike Park rental shop. Wearing a helmet in the Bike Park is mandatory.

→ Buy a Bike Park ticket

Bike Park tickets are available for purchase in our webstore, at the Bike Park, and at Zero Point rental shops.

→ Take the lift

Don't worry, gondola lifts always have staff available to assist you with your bike if needed. The bike is attached to a hook outside the gondola lift by the front wheel or taken into the lift cabin.

→ Choose a trail

The most common progression is from green to blue and from red to black, but most cyclists usually stick to blue or red trails.

Trails – Levi Bike Park
Total trails: 12
Green – Very Easy: 1
Blue – Easy: 3
Red – Intermediate: 5
Black – Difficult: 3

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