Levi Ski Resort is developing in an unprecedented way
Glacier Express

Levi Ski Resort is developing in an unprecedented way

Oy Levi Ski Resort Ltd continues its innovative and environmentally friendly development. The ski resort will build a new Glacier Express chairlift on the Front Slopes and invests in the snow security of the Front Slopes, creating a glacier next to the lift. The lighting of the Front Slopes is also renewed with LED technology, which produces the color of daylight while saving nature. The cost of the new investments is approximately EUR 7 million.

Levi Ski Resort has a desire to offer its customers the best possible service and wonderful snow experiences in the fell. The ski resort also wants to be a leader in the use of technology, innovation and environmental friendliness. At the same time, new investment is unprecedented worldwide.

Glacier Express chairlift

The ski resort has already started construction of the upper station of the new Glacier Express chairlift on the Front Slopes. The new chairlift will replace the T-bar lift 3 Marjalaki and the T-bar lift 2 Hemmo. The Glacier Express chairlift is a Doppelmayer D-Line model, similar chairlift is used at Levi West. The location of the new chairlift is very windless, so there is no bubble in the chairlifts and no heating in the seats.

Already next October, skiers and snowboarders will be able to travel in the Glacier Express chairlift to the fell, where the ascent takes only 3.28 minutes. The Levi Glacier chairlift is accessed via the departure mat and the lift is infinitely quiet and stable, as the chairs are equipped with efficient swing suppression.

- The arrival of the new chairlift is a big step in the development of the fell. The number of customers in the first half of the year has doubled, so we have good conditions in October and a fast and pleasant lift to transport customers to the fell, says Jouni Palosaari, CEO of Levi Ski Resort.

Finland's first glacier on the Front Slopes

The Front Slopes will be modified in many ways. Finland's first glacier will be located about 50 meters from the Glacier Express lift line towards the Zero Point building, and is open from early October to the beginning of May. The length of the glacier is all the way from the top of Front Slopes to the bottom of Front Slopes. The slope base of the glacier will be levelled, and the gradient of the slope will be removed while improving the slope profile to better serve skiing enthusiasts. Fun Park, which is currently between the third and second T-bar lifts, will move to the middle of the Front Slopes.

The glacier is made using the latest available snowmaking technology and preserving snow. The snow cannons on the left side of the Front Slopes are moved to the right, allowing the snow to be made in just the right place. This reduces the movement with the snow groomers of snow on slopes and thus improves the efficiency of the amount of snow and reduces energy and fuel consumption. Snow is stored for the summer and autumn using the snow storage technology of Finnfoam and Snow Secure. The first part of the glacier will open next October. Finnfoam's Chairman of the Board Teppo Nieminen sees the expansion of co-operation with Levi as a natural continuation.

- It is very interesting for Finnfoam to be involved in large Finnish projects and to be creating a new model for the world, similar to what we have done in the construction sector. Levi is growing and developing strongly and Finnfoam is needed whenever it is built. Levi was the first major ski resort to invest in the development of preserving snow and our collaboration in finalizing Snow Secure’s snow security concept and testing the novelties has progressed brilliantly to the finish. In changing conditions, snow security will be emphasized. Snow Secure’s snow security concept is also the most eco-friendly and cost-effective and it is great be scaling it to the next level with Levi. After hearing about the Levi Glacier, a broader collaboration also emerged, which is well complemented by our group company Easy Led Ltd with its lighting solutions, says Teppo Nieminen, Chairman of the Board of Finnfoam.

The opportunities for skiing and training in the world during the autumn and early season are limited, e.g. due to melting of glaciers and varying weather conditions. When completed, Levi Glacier will provide high-quality and secured early-season snow conditions for downhill skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, as well as training groups for various slope disciplines.

- We will have an alternative for glaciers, so Levi is a significant place for skiing and training in this sense as well. The development of the Front Slopes is also a continuation of the Levi World Cup Training Center and the Alpine World Cup. Training teams will be able to train on the Front Slopes right from the beginning of the season and as the season progresses to the World Cup slope. Last year, in addition to domestic enthusiasts, there were more than 20 national ski teams and clubs training at Levi before the Levi World Cup. The glacier will have its major trial in next March, when the Interski 2023 Congress will be held in Levi, says Jouni Palosaari, CEO of Levi Ski Resort.

The new LED lights makes daylight

Easy LED Ltd is a Finnish pioneer company in LED lighting. They design and build the world’s most advanced area lights for the slopes of Levi, with the goal of bringing the daylight effect into the dark. Due to the energy efficiency of LED lights, the electricity consumption can be reduced, and advanced optics allow the lighting to be directed to the desired points while avoiding unnecessary light pollution to the environment and the sky. A 3D model is created from each light mast and its surroundings, to calculate the amount of light needed in the area. Each LED luminaire is optimized (and can also be adjusted during use) to get the best and even lighting as possible. Through the intelligent control of the area lighting, the amount of light can also be reduced if desired and according to the situation.

- We are proud to be involved in this significant project in Finland's number one winter sports destination. Our goal is to extend the season by bringing the lighting conditions to the level required by this fast sport – both in terms of safety and comfort - regardless of the time of day and season, says Ilkka Kartio, CEO of Easy LED Oy.

The Front Slope gets a real improvement both from the environmental point of view as well as through the customer experience.

- The Levi Glacier project supports our goal to serve our customers in the best possible way. With the new chairlift investment, the modernization of our lift equipment is once again taking a giant leap forward. Levi West's ski area with its new lifts and slopes has been a successful project and has shown direction for future development, says Marko Mustonen, Commercial Director of Levi Ski Resort.

The project has been built paying close attention to the most important environmental aspects of Levi Ski Resort's ISO 14001 environmental management standard. The project will utilize the existing slope area without building a new one. The latest possible lift technology represents energy efficiency in relation to lift capacity. Likewise, the lighting technology is state-of-the-art, energy-efficient and intelligent. And as a cherry on a cake, a snow security method developed with Finnfoam and Snowsecure.

- The Levi Glacier project is a huge opportunity for us to offer great first-class skiing conditions starting from the first day of the season, says Marko Mustonen, Commercial Director of Levi Ski Resort.



Jouni Palosaari, CEO, Oy Levi Ski Resort Ltd, email jouni.palosaari@levi.fi
Marko Mustonen, commercial director, Oy Levi Ski Resort Ltd, email marko.mustonen@levi.fi

Levi Ski Resort Ltd is one of the Nordics’ most popular ski resorts and Finland’s leading year-round activity resort. Levi Ski Resort’s success is built on the resort’s professional staff, advanced technological capabilities and the annual Alpine World Cup races. Levi Ski Resort’s business operations focus on the sales of ski lift passes, ski school courses, equipment rentals and the sales of quality outdoor clothing via the resort’s own stores.

In addition, the affiliated company Levi Restaurants Ltd offers on-piste restaurant services. Levi Restaurants Ltd is part of the Levi Ski Resort Group. Levi Ski Resort has committed to the ISO 14001 environmental system as the first ski resort in the Nordic countries. Respect and care for the arctic environment form the core of the company’s values.

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