Levi's year and monthly activity calendar
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Levi's year and monthly activity calendar

Would you like to visit Levi but aren't sure, which time of the year fits best for you? Laplands specialty, eight different seasons, includes wonderful and months unlike the others. Each month is completely different from its predecessor and before you know it, you have a new favorite season in Lapland!

In January, you can often experience a gorgeous pink sky, which makes your ski experience extra magical. The darkest time of the year, kaamos, ends in Levi right on the first of January, which means that the days are still short, but there is more and more daylight every week.

By January, the snow has usually already accumulated properly, so you can fully enjoy downhill skiing and cross-country skiing  or put on your snowshoes and head out to explore the winter environment. In January you often experience the harshest frosts of winter.

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In February, the snow banks are high as the sun begins to show up more and more. This also means that unlit natural snow slopes will also be opened at the Levi Ski Resort. The sun rays dance in the soft powder snow and tanning lines of the ski goggles start to appear on your face.

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Towards the end of March, Lapland's heart winter, which is one of the eight seasons of Lapland, comes to an end. As the actual winter turns into an early springwinter, the increasing amount of light and a shimmering snow blanket on the ground create a magical atmosphere from which you should take advantage of, especially when the snow is hard enough to walk on without sinking.

In March, you should rent an electric bike and head to Levi's winter cycling trails. The best way of enjoying sunny springwinter days is from your saddle in the middle of the calm and quiet Lappish forest.


In April, the weather begins to warm up and nature wakes up from its hibernation. Slopes and trails are still open. The sunny winter weather is at its best with shimmering snow blanket, which screams for outdoor activities in pure nature.

At this time of year, we recommend trying mountain skiing, for example on nearby fells or in the national park area. What a great way to break free from everyday life! You can get mountain skis from our rental shop. The ice-breaking spring also begins in April.

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In May, we move from winter to summer, during which you have a unique opportunity to see Lapland's nature awaken and preparing for the blooming of the upcoming summer.

This is the perfect time to maintain your winter sports equipment before storing them up for the next season. Our professional ski service at Zero Point (Front Slopes) and South Point (South Slopes) service both skis and snowboards. By the end of May, the nights are almost nightless already. In Lapland, spring does not develop at the same pace as in the South, as there may still be shimmering and large snowfalls in May.

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After all the snow has melted, nature will turn green and the plants will burst into bloom. In June, light and warmth are enjoyed, although northern June is known to offer an interesting scale of different weather conditions. The midnight sun shines in June and creates unique conditions to experience the magnificent light phenomenon of nature and enjoy the peace of summer night around the clock.

In June, mountain bike trails have also come out under the snow and summer activities can begin. Levi's mountain bike routes offer both beginner-friendly and more challenging routes, which can be found both on paper maps and electronically. You can find mountain and electric bikes for children, young people and adults at Zero Point and downhill and enduro bikes at Bike Park rental shop.

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In July, daytime temperatures are from 20 to 25 degrees and Lapland's summer is at its best. The round-the-clock light does not place restrictions on your own doing, rather it is difficult to go to sleep as the golden light invites you outside.

Levi's summer activities can be found for every taste and age. We also suggest trying out Finland's northernmost adventure park in Levi. Located on the shores of lake Tunturilampi, next to the Gondola2000 lifts, the adventure park offers several trails from easy to challenging and no previous climbing or adventure experience is required to have fun.

levi ski resort kesä

The beginning of August is still very much summer, but the end of the month is already autumn. In August, the harvest season begins and the nights are slowly starting to blur more and more. With daytime temperatures from 10 to 20 degrees, August is a great time to head to Levi Bike Park, which provides a great setting for lovers of downhill and enduro biking!

Levi Bike Park has trails for both easy and challenging practice. The most convenient way to start driving is to buy a Bike Park package from Levi Bike Park's rental shop, which includes downhill bike and protective equipment in addition to the lift ticket. Levi Bike Park is celebrating its 15th birthday this year.

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Fall starts in September and its full-bodied colors offer a breathtaking experience, flaming colors both in the trees and on the ground. Autumn is a great time for hiking in the fell, where blueberries, lingonberries and other wild berries create the most beautiful autumn scenery. Levi’s varied trails and nearby routes introduce you to many interesting places.

For example, Huippupolku, which is less than a kilometer long, goes around the top of Levi fell and reveals the magnificent mountain scenery. Admire the stunning colors and scenery of autumn - breathing in the refreshing nordic air. Approximately 9 km long Ice Age Trail,  winds around the wooden border of Levitunturi, interestingly revealing the area's past from millions of years ago. Don't forget to pick tasty berries and put them straight to your mouth on the way!

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When autumn ends, the first snow period begins and the first snow of the year obtains Levi during October-November. During daytime, the sun still warms outdoor enthusiasts, and in October you can enjoy both winter and summer sports at the same time.

At the beginning of October, the ski season on the Front Slopes and the first snow cross-country skiing track will be opened thanks to the storage snow. It is a good idea to start the skiing season through equipment maintenance so that the equipments are in mint condition for the new season. Zero Points ski service is open for customers in October. Summer sports such as mountain biking and hiking can still be practiced on the trails and in the fell, so you can combine both winter and summer sports in one day!

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Within the first snow, the world illuminates when the first decent layer of snow arrives. In Lapland, winter lasts about 7 months. In November, Levi's winter activities are already on the move. At the beginning of a downhill or cross-country season, it is good to sharpen your own skills and register for a ski school.

Ski school is not just for beginners, as the “veterans” also get valuable information under the guidance of professional teachers about what could be fixed in their technique. This makes downhill skiing and cross-country skiing easier, safer, and more interesting and ensures that you’re in sharp shape right at the start of the season.

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In December, the darkest time of the year, kaamos, begins. However, it doesn't mean complete darkness, but beautiful colors on the horizon, gentle twilight, and blue moments full of serenity. During the Christmas kaamos, the frosts begin to intensify, while snowy fells and twilight exude the magical mystique of Lapland.

levi ski resort hiihtokoulu

In December, in addition to several levels of ski slopes, the very own areas of ​​the children open to Front Slopes and Southern Slopes. Kids' Land has traditional pome lifts for beginners, stigas and sledges for fun, and a warm hut to enjoy snacks between plays. Another fun playground, Leevilandia, locates next to South Point on the South Slopes. Leevilandia's free weekly program is full of fun games are competitions in which each participant is rewarded. The easiest way to get to know to snow and skis is to take a covered carpet lift or a traditional pome lift. You can eat your own snacks and fry sausages in the shed nearby!

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