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NUTS MTB Ylläs-Levi 2022

The most exciting MTB bike event in Western Lapland in 2022

NUTS MTB Ylläs-Levi on the 16th of July 2022

The NUTS MTB Ylläs-Levi tests the participants’ strength and endurance in fast-paced tracks and technical paths in a real fell environment on Saturday, the 16th of July 2022.The magnificent Lapland landscape tracks are 75km, 55km and 30 km long. You can also go hiking and enjoy the happy outdoor atmosphere without having to worry about participating in the event. You can also take part in the fun series on an e-bike.

Whether you have raced before or are thinking about going for your first ever mountain bike race for fun, NUTS MTB Ylläs-Levi is an incredible experience both on and off the track. You’re guaranteed to have fun in the unique nature of Lapland, surrounded by the cleanest air in the world.  

The 75km track provides participants physicality on technical paths, challenging mountain ascents and fast-paced descents for those who want a more extended challenge. The start of the 75 km track is in Ylläsjärvi, and the finish line is in the centre of Levi, just like the other tracks. The 55 km track starts from Yllästunturi Visitor Centre (Yllästunturin luontokeskus Kellokas). The journey starts on a gravel path, and the first ascent is made over Kukastunturi, from where the magnificent scenery of Lapland can be seen. The track to Levi includes rock and forest terrain and fast and wide trail paths closer to Pyhätunturi and Kätkätunturi. The shortest track to the event is the 30 km track which starts from Pyhäjärvi. The most challenging ascents on the track are those that lead to Homevaara and Pyhätunturi.

There is one aid station on the 30 km track, two aid stations on the 55 km track and three aid stations on the 75 km track. The aid stations have water, a Nosht sports drink, and a small savoury and sweet snack. The participants will be offered some warm food and washing facilities at the finish area after the competition. The finish area closes at 6pm on Saturday.

“The Ylläs-Levi track is definitely one of the ‘feathers’ every mountain biker must put in their hat. The track has a wide range of terrains, from easy gravel trails to more challenging forest trails. But the scenery is definitely the most important thing along the track. The real gem, of course, is crossing the Kukastunturi, where you can see all the scenery all the way to Pallas”, says the former mountain biker and Visit Ylläs CEO Kati Vehmas.

What is NUTS MTB Ylläs-Levi? It is possible to cycle between two well-known fell centres, partly in the national park at NUTS MTB Ylläs-Levi. The good aid stations on the route guarantee a pleasant experience for participants of all levels. It is safe and easy for participants to join the event. The Ylläs-Levi is open throughout the summer and can always be biked through at other times. The biking directions to get to NUTS MTB Ylläs-Levin change every year. This year we are moving towards Levi; The starting areas are 75 km and 55 km along Yllästunturi and 30 km on the Lake Pyhäjärvi riverbanks. NUTS MTB Ylläs-Levi is the closing event of Ylläs Outdoor Week and the opening event of Levi Bike & Outdoor Fest.

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Trail running, mountain biking, packrafting, and bikepacking

- NUTS MTB Ylläs-Levi 16 July 2022

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