Ride a bike down the summery fellside of levi
lsr bike park

Ride a bike down the summery fellside of levi

Whether you are looking for casual mountain biking trails or more extreme downhill biking trails, Levi area offers a wide range of both. During the summer season the trails are constantly taken care of and the trail network is under continuous development. Jump aboard on the Gondola lift, ride down the fellside and experience the magnificent scenery on the way down!

Goal: To continuously develop the biking trails in Levi

Biking in the Levi area is under constant development and the municipality has even hired a specific employee to map out new trails in the area. During the summer all of the Levi Bike Park trails have been maintained by clearing up the water furrows and removing excess stones from the trails, among other things. In addition to general maintenance, the berms of the trails have been formed back into their proper shape.

Along with everyday maintenance, the Levi Bike Park crew is also working hard on building completely new trails on the fell. For example, the Blue Groove trail is undergoing renovations: the top part of the trail will be completely reformed thanks to a new routing. The renovated part of the trail will have fewer straight parts and transitions through roads making it even more interesting and appealing for bikers.

In addition to the completely new top part of the trail, Blue Groove is getting a whole new trail next to it. The new trail is called Kuru, which is the Finnish word for a gorge. The new trail runs along the Alpine Training Park and like the name suggests, it goes all the way to the bottom of the gorge as well. The Kuru trail offers a challenge for even the most experienced riders as it is technically demanding and partly very steep.

Another new addition to the trail selection is quite a rocky trail and due to its varying terrain, it is commonly known as "rocky road" within the Levi Bike Park crew. The trail has been used as an enduro competition route in the past and it has now been renovated for biking purposes. The trail goes from World Cup Red to Santa's Cabin, across the G1 piste into the woods and its difficulty level is red.

lsr bike park

Levi Bike Park crew keeps the trails safe and sound

The Levi Bike Park ensures the safety and cleanliness of the trails daily by picking up loose rocks, removing bigger ones from the ground and making sure there are no tree stumps or fallen branches on the trail. The daily chores also include checking the trail markings and making sure everything is in order. The everyday maintenance is usually done by hand either with a shovel, rake or an iron bar.

The brand-new trails are being shaped with heavier equipment. Excavators and wheel loaders have been working on the fell during the summer and after the new trails have been roughly shaped with the heavy machinery, they will be perfected by hand to make sure they are in top condition when opened.

Coming soon: New trails for riders of all ages

In the coming years the plan is to renovate the top parts of both World Cup Red and World Cup Black trails. The plan also includes opening another brand new route which offers a challenge for even the most experienced riders and is filled with lots of challenging bumps - inspired by the world-famous Whistler Bike Park A-Line trail.

Even children will be able to get their first touch of mountain biking in Levi in the future. Levi Bike Park is planning on building a training area which is suitable for small children all the way from three to five years old and up. Additionally, Levi Bike Park plans to open two green trails which are gentle enough to ride with a regular mountain bike or a fat bike, for example. One of the gentler trails will be descending from the top of the fell to the Zero Point near the Levi center and the other one will be taking a tour through the South Piste's breathtaking fellside before descending back to the Gondola2000 lift.

The Santa's Cabin trail will also be undergoing renovations in the future due to the new West Point lift project. While the new lift is being built the bike trail will also be reshaped from the top parts and the water furrows will be completely reformed. The goal is to make the trail safer and to avoid the melting water to flow on the trail during spring time.

Diverse biking trails in the Levi Bike Park and other areas in Levi

The Levi Bike Park trails offer a variety of difficulties ranging all the way from beginners to more demanding riders. For example, the Blue Groove and South Route trails are perfect for someone who is still getting to know their way around the biking trails while the World Cup Black offers a challenge even for the more experienced riders. To get to the top of the fell, head to the Gondola2000 lift or the Gondola in the Front Piste.

In addition to the Levi Bike Park trails, the Levi area has a vast network of longer biking trails extending up to one hundred kilometers in total! The map of the longer biking routes can be found here. New to mountain biking or downhill riding? Don't worry! Our rental shops offer everything you need to get started.

Ps. Grab some snacks with you! There are plenty of shelters and rest areas along the biking trails. Why not stop to take a break and enjoy the views while grilling sausages in the fireplace? And even if bringing your own snacks does not sound like the thing for you, our Café ZeroGondola Restaurant and Restaurant Draivi are also located along the biking routes.

Please note that the Santa's Cabin trail is currently closed due to the West Point building project. Other exceptions to regular opening hours will be communicated real-time both on our website and social media.