Safety on Levi's skiing trails – eight tips for skiers

Safety on Levi's skiing trails – eight tips for skiers

Please act as follows to enjoy and refresh yourself safely on Levi's skiing tracks.

1. Choose the correct trail

Choose the right trail for you, taking into account your fitness and skill level and the difficulty of the route. Levi's cross-country ski tracks are colour-coded on the map: blue for easy, red for medium and black for difficult. Please also take into account your skiing style (classic vs. free style tehnique) and whether the route you are planning can be skied with it.

Levi's ski tracks are generally groomed in the morning. Weather conditions can vary considerably, even during the day. Plan your route. Follow the signs and maps at the intersections. Keep a valid cross-country skiing map with you and a mobile phone.

2. Others also use the trail

Levi is one of the most popular skiing destinations in Finland, so be sure to take other skiers into account when you're out skiing. The trails are for everyone, please be friendly an polite to other skiers. Don't litter. If possible, collect the trash you notice.

3. Follow the correct direction

The direction of the ski track is marked on the maps and markings along the trail, follow the marked skiing direction. Follow the information signs along the route. Ski on the right, pass on the left.

4. Do not stop on the trail

When skiing, take breaks as needed and preferably a bit proactively taking into account your strength and energy for the day. If you take a break, please move off the trail. If you fall, get up quickly and move off the trail. Fix the trail if necessary.

5. Keep your distance

When skiing, maintain sufficient distance from the skier in front on you at all times. Do not ski on heels or right behind another skier. This is especially important when going downhill. Also, do not "race" with the skier in front or behind you.

6. When skiing downhill, please remember

Skiers appreciate the variety of Levi's trails and the differences in altitude of the varied routes. The differences in altitude on the trails therefore mean a variety of challenging ascents, but also fast-paced and long descents. When descending, skiing downhill the trails, it is important to control your speed at all times. Do not change lanes. Do not ski downhill faster than you feel safe. Be extra careful when ski tracks are icy.

7. You are obligated to help

Helping others if needed is the duty of every skier. If you notice an accident, you must stop and help. Also remember to be adequately prepared yourself. Pack a mobile phone, something to drink and/or bite, and enough warm clothing withn you especially for longer skiing trips. If the rescue services are required, please call the emergency number 112.

8. The XC-skiing trail is for skiing only

For safety reasons, skiing tracks are for skiing only. Do not walk, ride a bike or snowmobile on the ski trail. Do not ski on the skidewalks in the centre of Levi with pedestrians or on roads among cars. Please notice, skiing with a dog is only allowed on dog trails with a leashed dog.

The most important thing to remember when skiing in Levi is: enjoy the journey and the magical scenery.

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