Which slopes are best suited for beginners and skiers who enjoy easy carving?
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Which slopes are best suited for beginners and skiers who enjoy easy carving?

Levi's Leevilandia is a beginner's paradise. There are excellent carving slopes, especially on Levi's South and Southeast slopes.

If you're perhaps hitting the slopes for the first time and want to know where the easiest run is, or you're taking your kids skiing for the first time, or maybe it's been years since your last downhill adventure and you're feeling a bit nervous about heading to the slopes, or you're one of those who seek gentle slopes for relaxed carving, this article is for all of you.

We will reveal Levi's best easy slopes.

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For first-timers, Leevilandia is the place to go

Hands down, the best place for beginners is Leevilandia.

At the base of the South slopes, you'll find a beginner's paradise, Leevilandia. The area has two covered magic carpet lifts and a pome lift. The slopes offer a smooth progression and provide safe conditions for developing your skiing skills.

The short magic carpet lift is 50 meters long and the slope is gently sloping downhill. It's perfect for your first slides and practicing your braking. Leevilandia's small magic carpet slope is ideal for toddlers' first attempts.

The long magic carpet lift takes you a bit higher, allowing skiers to practice their turns and braking. On the other side of the slope, there's a new pome lift. It's slow and the ascent is gentle! This pome lift is an excellent place to practice using pome lift. Leevilandia's long pome lift takes you even higher. The slope is suitable for practicing smooth turns.

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If, for some reason, you want to head to the Front Slopes, the first stop for beginners on the front slopes is the magic carpet lift. The first slides and braking can be done on the magic carpet lift. If you want more experience with very easy slides after the magic carpet lift, it's a good idea to walk from the magic carpet lift to Kids´Land. This pome lift also has a very gentle and slow ascent, making it suitable for practicing on a new lift.

The upper pome lift on the Front Slopes is an easy and short blue slope. It's great for practicing turn sequences and improving your braking.

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For refreshing your skills and for those feeling a bit nervous, the South slopes are a good choice

If you've skied before but it's been a while, start with the easy blue slopes.

The slopes next to Leevilandia, the slopes next to South pome lift and its slopes are nice and short slopes for refreshing your memory.

Very easy blue slopes can be found in the 7B slopes on the Southeast Slopes. They are long, and best of all, often very quiet. If heights and stunning views don't make you nervous, sit on the South chairlift and cruise down the 8 slopes. The most popular slope is 8.4. If you prefer space, try 8.2 and 8.3 slopes, as they are often quieter.

Slopes 7B, 8.2, and 8.3 are natural snow slopes and open usually in February.

For memory refreshing on the Front Slopes, the upper pome lift slope is the best choice. You can easily get to the top and back down with the Express Gondola.


The best carving slopes are the long 8 slopes in the South

If you have the skiing skills but enjoy leisurely slopes, head to the 8 slopes in the south. Levi's longest slopes offer gentle carving and beautiful views.

The 7B slopes are also suitable for carving. Their profile is gentler than the 8 slopes.

The 7B slopes are particularly popular among many families with children, as the wide and gentle slopes are great for kids to practice on. One of the 7B slopes takes you on an exciting, well-maintained forest trail with hidden animal figures.

The 12 slopes in Lammaskuru also offer enjoyable carving. These slopes offer a different view compared to the 8 and 7B slopes, so for landscape enthusiasts, Lammaskuru is a great choice.

And remember, at Levi Ski School, you get instruction for all levels.

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