The northernmost and most exciting adventure park in Finland is waiting for you
levi ski resort seikkailupuisto

The northernmost and most exciting adventure park in Finland is waiting for you

Jump in and come to Levi Adventure Park for an unforgettable climbing and adventure experience! The northernmost and one of the largest climbing parks in Northern Europe offers amazing experiences for adventurers of all ages. The courses feature a total of 63 different challenges and the 888-meter long Santa's Zipline Marathon!


The Adventure Park's climbing courses offer a variety of routes and challenges, ranging from easy to difficult, allowing you to choose the tasks you prefer. Having fun doesn’t require any prior climbing experience. You can navigate the adventure courses according to your level of bravery, tackling tasks of different difficulty levels. The most challenging routes reach up to 12 meters in height, but if you prefer, you can stay closer to the ground. The courses also feature fun zip lines. For example, the "Crossed Trees" task on the adventure courses is a favorite of our employee Antti, as it allows you to conveniently switch between levels of the adventure park.

levi ski resort seikkailupuisto

The minimum height for the adventure courses is 120 cm, but there is also a dedicated adventure course for children under 120 cm, located about half a meter off the ground in the children's playground area. Children can climb this course under parental supervision free of charge and without the need for safety equipment.


Long and thrilling zipline routes are a specialty of Levi Adventure Park, with the Santa’s Zipline Marathon connecting the entire adventure area. The marathon consists of 10 ziplines, the longest of which is 104 meters. Between the ziplines, various adventure tasks are performed at heights between seven and twelve meters. The total length of the marathon around the park is an impressive 888 meters. Before starting the zipline marathon, you will climb through adventure tasks to a height of 12 meters, where the first zipline starts. Along the marathon, you will also visit Santa's cabin at a height of 10 meters. The "Steps to Height" task on the zipline is a favorite of Kim, an adventure park guide, as it is the longest task in the park and rises to one of the highest points. The minimum height for adventurers on the zipline marathon is 150 cm and the minimum weight is 45 kg.

lsr santas Zipline


Would you dare to step into the void? Base Jump will take your breath away as it requires courage to step off the platform into empty space. Before starting the task, you will receive special instructions from the staff, after which you will climb to a height of 12 meters, where a step into the unknown awaits. But don’t worry, safety equipment will bring you safely back to the ground. Base Jump is the favorite task of Stina, one of the adventure park staff, because stepping over the edge is always a thrill.

levi ski resort seikkailupuisto


Adventures begin on the west side of Levi fell at the Activity Park rental shop, where you will put on safety equipment, including harnesses and helmets. During the initial briefing, we will go over the adventure park rules and practical instructions. Dress according to the weather and wear ankle-supporting shoes. Gloves are mandatory in the adventure park. All healthy adults and children can climb the courses, considering the height and weight limits. We also recommend purchasing your adventure tickets in advance from our webstore to speed up your visit.

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