Visit Levi & STF cerification

Visit Levi & STF cerification

We promote sustainability in Levi one action at a time.

Currently, there are 16 certified businesses in Levi under Sustainable Travel Finland. To apply for the STF destination label in our region, we encourage local businesses to join the STF path!

Tourism is estimated to account for about 8% of global emissions. Climate is one of the key attractions in tourism and an essential part of the tourism product and overall travel experience. Therefore, it is crucial for tourism operators to take responsibility for mitigating climate change to ensure the success of the tourism product and its prospects in the future.

A sustainable tourist destination is a regional selling point and the most sought-after destination in the future. Business profitability can be enhanced by adopting sustainable tourism practices. Studies show that companies operating responsibly have higher customer satisfaction and perceived quality levels. Additionally, customers are more aware of their choices and are willing to pay more for tourism products and services where sustainability is taken into account and can be credibly demonstrated. Companies also achieve significant cost savings through energy efficiency measures.

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