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Levi Ski School on season 2022-2023

At Levi Ski School, you get instruction for all levels. Ski School is about learning new skills, achieving new goals and experiences, fine-tuning your technique, and most of all – having a great time on snow together with our skilled instructors. Our friendly and qualified instructors will be happy to help you to achieve your goals. Lessons are available at front slopes/Zero point and south slopes/South Point. Private lessons are offered daily throughout the winter season, as well as a comprehensive selection of group courses for different ages.

Buy your place at ski school group courses from our webstore at the latest 2 days before. You may inquire about any available course places from the ski school office at the latest the previous day by 3pm. Prices include the right to use ski lifts with an instructor while on the lesson (no ski pass needed).

Check the ski school's weekly program here.

Levi Ski School private lessons

Private lessons daily

Private lessons are an effective way to get to know a new sport, develop your own skiing skill level and gain confidence in skiing and downhill sports. You can book a private lesson for yourself, your child, your family, a group of friends or company event. We tailor the teaching to the age, skill level, and wishes of the participants.

On request, we also organize various private courses, such as freestyle and ski touring lessons, adaptive skiing, a tour of Levi's slopes, or slalom competitions. Choosing a private lesson enables more personalized instruction.

Price list for private lessons at the ski school

40min (4–6 years) 1,5 hours3 hours
49,00 / 1 person 93,00 / 1 person167,00 / 1 person
85,00 / 2 persons129,00 / 2 persons203,00 / 2 persons
165,00 / 3 persons239,00 / 3 persons
201,00 / 4 persons275,00 / 4 persons
237,00 / 5 persons311,00 / 5 persons
260,00 / 6–10 persons 347,00 / 6 persons
360,00 / 7-10 persons
Levin hiihtokoulu ryhmä

Group Lessons

Our comprehensive selection of weekly courses provides plenty of options to choose from, for all ages and skill levels – for children, teenagers and adults. The content and learning path adapts to the needs and experience of the group. Buy from the webstore and secure your place on the course. Group courses are bilingual (Finnish and English).

hiihtokoulu werneri

Werneri Ski Schools

Werneri Ski School is a Finnish nationwide ski school program for children. You can meet Werneri in over 30 Finnish ski resorts. The goal is to teach children to be versatile and multi-faceted skiers.

There are three different skill levels for skiing. Snow Werneri for 7-11yrs, Speed 1 and Speed 2 for 5-11yrs old children. One skill levels for snowboarding (Snow) for 8-15yrs children. Werneri courses are bilingual (Finnish & English) and located in South Slopes.

lsr hiihtokoulu ryhmä


Join a group: learn something new, train your skills, gain new friends and let our skilled instructors offer you a memorable experience. 3-days courses are designed to teach and improve technique, confidence, ability, and safety on the slopes.

Lessons are available for children (7-11yrs) and adults (+12yrs) in alpine skiing and snowboarding (8yrs - adults), with different skill levels. Group lessons start on Mondays and are held on consecutive days, 1,5 hours daily. Lessons will be held primarily in English and located at Zero Point / Front Slopes.

Ski school weekly programme

Good to know at ski school

Opening hours

Zero Point at Front Slopes, Hissitie 8 South Point at South Slopes, Tievantie 2


You can also reach us by phone +358207960211 and email

Levi Ski School is the only eligible operator to practice commercial ski school activities in the slope areas of Levi Ski Resort.

What skill level course should I book?

The ski school skill levels helps you find out your skill level and book a course that suits for your skill level. Please familiarize yourself with ski school's skill levels in advance.

Do I need a ski pass?

During the ski school lessons, you do not need a ski pass as the prices include the right to use ski lifts with an instructor.

When should I book my lessons?

It is recommended to book ski school lessons well in advance. A private lesson can be booked through an inquiry form via email. Please note that there may be a limited amount of time left when booking on-site.

Lessons are available daily between 10 am - 4 pm. Starting times for the lessons are mainly 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm or 4 pm depending on the booking situation. The last lesson of the day ends at 5.30 pm.

Buy and secure your place in group lessons from our webshop at the latest 2 days prior. Any available course places, please inquire from Ski School office at the latest the previous day by 3 pm. Levi Ski School reserves the right to combine groups or offer other product alternatives if there are not enough participants.

Please register at the Ski School office at the latest 5-10 min before the lesson.

Where can I get equipment?

We recommend to use our Zero Point or South Point rentals. You can also rent equipment in advance online

For safety reasons, you need to have equipment that is correctly adjusted for the user before the lesson begins. We also recommend using a helmet at the slopes.

Reserve enough time to collect your rental equipment, in high season approximately 30-45 minutes. ID with a photo is required when renting equipment.

Should I book a private lesson or a group lesson?

Private lesson enables individual progress and consideration of wishes in teaching. Private lessons are available for all skill levels, lessons can be booked to Front slope or South slope areas daily. Our teaching times are 40 min, 1.5 hours, and 3 hours.

There is a 40-minute private lesson in alpine/downhill skiing for children from 4 to 6 years old, for children under 5, we recommend only a private lesson. For children under the age of 8, we recommend starting snowboarding in a private lesson.

Group courses are available for different skill levels. Each course content and learning path is adapted to the needs and progression of the group. Group course places are for sale in the online webstore, which must be purchased no later than 2 days before the start of the course. You can find the exact dates of the courses in the online store's product card and its calendar.

In alpine/downhill skiing group courses are available for children aged 5-6 and adults aged 7 and over. In snowboarding, group courses are for ages 8 and up.

At what age can a child come to ski school?

The starting age of skiing is completely child-specific, which is affected by e.g. the child's own enthusiasm, motor skills and physical activity. Before booking a ski school lesson for a child, it's good to test ski boots on and familiarize yourself to the children's slope area.

What is the difference between Werneri courses and 3-day courses?

Werneri Ski School is a Finnish nationwide ski school program for children. You can meet Werneri in over 30 Finnish ski resorts. The goal is to teach children to be versatile and multi-faceted skiers. There are three different skill levels for skiing. Snow Werneri for 7-11yrs, Speed 1 and Speed 2 for 5-11yrs old children. One skill levels for snowboarding (Snow) for 8-15yrs children. Werneri courses are located in South Slopes.

3-days courses are held at Front slopes / Zero Point. Courses are available for children (7-11yrs) and adults (+12yrs) in alpine skiing and snowboarding (8yrs - adults), with 3 different skill level in alpine skiing and 2 skill levels for snowboarding. Group lessons are held in English, on consecutive days, 1,5 hours daily.

Adaptive skiing

We also offer private lessons in adaptive skiing. Booking should be booked well in advance so that we can ensure an instructor specialized for adaptive skiing with the necessary equipment.

Levi Ski School has various assistive skiing equipment for different disabilities and needs. For wheelchair users, we have different sit-skis: Dual ski (with high back), Bi-ski (Dynamique) and Monoski. Sit-ski can be rented for own use if you are already familiarized with it. Sit-ski rental prices are according to superior set price. For the ski school lesson, you can get the rental with -30% discount.

Do I need to pay the lesson in advance?

Payment at the Ski School Office is mandatory before the lesson/course begins. You will be informed of the meeting point at the ski school office. You can also buy the courses in advance at our webstore.

When your private lesson has been booked, the ski school will send you a payment link to pay for the lesson through the ski school's Paytrail account.

At the cashier, you may pay with cash (euros) or international credit cards. Prices include VAT. Rights for changes reserved.

Where are the ski school lessons held?

Ski school lessons/courses are available at the Front Slopes (Zero Point, address Hissitie 8) and at the South Slopes (South Point, address Tievantie 2) depending on the course. The easiest way to get to the South Slopes from the centre is by car or by Ski Bus.

Ski School meeting points (blue flags) locates: on the slopeside yard of Zero Point, in front of the South Point building, and in Leevilandia. The sales of the ski school will also guide you on site.

Teaching places for first-timers/beginners in the Front slopea area works: Front slope carpet lift and upper Poma/button lift (next to hotel Panorama) or Kids' Land. In South slope area: Leevilandia with a magic carpet lifts and poma/button lift.

Adaptive skiing lessons are available at the South Slopes.

Prior to lessons, the equipment must be ready and the payments made.

Medical conditions and pregnancy

Any relevant medical conditions must be notified to the ski school office and the instructor before the lesson begins. We do not recommend any ski school lessons during pregnancy.

Does weather affect the ski school?

Lessons take place in all weather conditions. Winter clothing with gloves is necessary.

Terms of delivery

Please familiarize yourself with terms of delivery for ski school services (The Finnish Ski Area Association/ SHKY).