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Slope Safety

On the slopes, each and everyone is responsible for keeping the slopes safe and enjoyable for everybody: when everyone follows the rules, all of us can feel safe and enjoy the day on the slopes. It is a priority for us to keep our slopes safe and to continuously develop the safety of all of our operations.

Slope rules and other considerations related to slope safety


Ski Patrol (with red jackets) patrol the slopes and works to ensure your safety when skiing. The patrollers offer advice on safe skiing, work proactively to keep the slopes safe and enjoyable for everyone, and respond to emergencies and rescue missions.


Our first-aid staff operates from the ski rentals of Zero Point and South Point. Both of our snowmobile units are equipped with emergency gear and are driven by an experienced driver accompanied by a trained healthcare professional.

In case of emergency, ask for assistance from the first-aid staff,  ski patrol or our staff at the lifts.


  • Make sure your equipment is adjusted to your size, weight and ability. Use of a helmet is recommended.

  • Respect the lift line and prepare to share the lift with fellow skiers. Get off the lift only at designated areas.

  • Select the slope and adapt your speed according to your skills and the environment. Always familiarize yourself with special areas in advance.

  • Keep your distance when you pass the skiers below and ahead of you. Pay additional attention to small children.

  • Stop only at places where you can be easily seen. If you need to go uphill, always do it along the edge of the slope.

  • Do not ski too fast. Pay attention to local slope and snow conditions.

  • Sledging is only allowed in separately designated areas.

  • You always ski at your own risk.

  • Using the slopes under the influence of alcohol/drugs is prohibited.

  • In the event of accidents, your duty is to assist. Report any accidents immediately to ski area staff.

Note also the following guidelines:

  • Children are required to use skiing equipment to use the ski lifts

  • Carrying a child in a carrier backpack is strictly prohibited on the slopes and lifts.

  • Cycling and riding on a fatbike as well as walking on the slopes is strictly prohibited in all ski slopes.

Read more about ski slope safety at Finnish Ski Area Association website at www.ski.fi/en/info/ski-slope-safety


  • Always familiarize yourself with the Street/Park in advance.

  • Make sure the landing area is free.

  • Stop only at places where you can be easily seen. Never stop in the landing hill.

  • Select the street according to your skills.

  • Consider the snow conditions and the environment.

  • Keep your distance when you pass the skiers below and ahead of you.


  • Find out if ski touring is allowed in the ski area.

  • Use only the routes indicated by the ski resort to ascend.

  • Follow the rules, warnings and regulations of the ski resort.

  • Do not disturb those who descend the slope with your actions.

  • When ski touring, you always move at your own risk and are obliged to dodge.

  • Make sure you are seen.

  • Use light at dusk and in the dark.

  • Pets are not allowed on the slopes.

  • Do not move on a closed slope.


Our personnel monitor snow safety on the slopes. A professional with training for snow safety measures and evaluates the potential risk of avalanches.

If there is a potential avalanche risk, we share this information with our personnel and customers. We also inform about the risk at the lifts and on the slope-specific information boards, on the maps and on the slopes themselves using signposts.


We highly recommend installing the 112 Suomi mobile app because it makes it easy for the emergency personnel to find you. With the app you can call to the national emergency telephone number with a push of a button and the app will automatically share your GPS coordinates with the emergency center during your call.


We also use the RECCO Advanced Rescue Technology (RECCO.COM). The RECCO system is used by ski resorts and rescue teams when searching for people who are lost or buried in an avalanche. The RECCO reflector will ping back the signal sent from the search party's RECCO search device.


Flying remote-controlled drones over the slopes during the opening hours is strictly forbidden. In exceptional circumstances, professional who do commercial shoots or advertising film shoots, you may apply for special permission in advance by contacting the Head of Security heikki.saarensalmi@levi.fi. When flying a drone, avoid lift structures as well as the now groomers and snowmobiles moving on the slopes from a sufficient distance. Also, note other aircraft moving in nearby of the tourist center, and the EU regulations regarding drone flying.