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New Padel Field opens up to Levi Activity Park during summer 2022!

Padel in the arctic landscape! The latest addition to Levi Activity Park is the padel outdoor court, which will open in summer 2022. You can now play the most popular sport of the summer in the magnificent summer scenery of Levi.

Padel court is open daily between 10am - 6pm starting on 24th of June.

24.6.-18.9.2022 Pick up the key and the rackets from the Kesäkiska Rental, in the middle of the Activity Park.

19.9.-2.10.2022 Pick up the key and the rackets from the Activity Park Rental, on the second floor of the Gondola building.

Padel rental prices

Rental time1h2hExtra hour
Padel Court36€72€+36€
Racket5 €10 €+5 €

The Activity Park area is full on fun!