pump track and skate park
lsr kesä pumptrack

Pumptrack and Skatepark

In the area of ​​the Activity Park there is a pumptrack track and a skatepark, where you can do a variety of activities on bikes, skates and scooters. Both the pumptrack track and the skate park are free to practice during the summer.

Use of the pumptrack track and skate park is free, and practice is available 24 hours a day.


In summer, you can go on the pumptrack track in the Activity Park area, for example on the BMX bikes found in the Bike Park rental shop, or on a skateboard or kickboard. The pumptrack track is a great place to improve your balance and learn new skills. The track is well suited for users of all ages and levels.


The Skate Park in the Activity Park area allows you to show off your skills. There are various obstacles in the skate park all the way from the mini ramp to various obstacles. In the skate park you can ride BMX bikes, skateboards, roller skates or kickboards. The car park is suitable for users of all ages and levels.

lsr kesä pumptrack
lsr kesä skatepark