Northern Lights
Northern Lights

Northern Lights at Levi

What do the auroras sound like? When is the best time to see the auroras at Levi?
During the dark evenings it is a good moment to stop and breathe fresh air – and look up at the sky! At Levi you can see the auroras during the dark time if the sky is clear.

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis are one of the most compelling natural phenomena of the year. To see this phenomenon, it needs to be sufficiently dark; thus, the auroras begin their marvelous dance across the northern sky when the evenings start to darken in August. 

The magical auroras dancing in the skies have always fascinated people. According to an ancient Finnish belief, the auroras are the creations of the mythical Firefox. When it runs across arctic Lapland, its tail hits trees, rocks and other obstacles creating sparks which shower up into the skies. The auroras are known in many other cultures as well. Health, prosperity, happiness, love and many other good things will come to those who have seen the auroras.

The auroras at Levi are breathtaking. They never look exactly the same, as their intensity changes all the time. On some evenings the auroras will delight Levi visitors for only a couple of minutes, but occasionally you will enjoy a spectacle lasting several hours. At their best, the auroras are incredibly strong in different shades of green, blue, red and violet.

On average, the auroras can be seen 111 times a year. The season to see them starts in August and lasts all the way to the end of April. During the darkest times of winter, it is already possible to see the auroras after 5pm, but we know from experience that they are at their best between 8pm to 1am. In April’s lightest days the auroras will start their dance only after the night has become dark.

To see or photograph the auroras at Levi, the sky needs to be clear and you must be far from any excess lights. Often autumn is the best time to capture them when the land is dark and there is as little scattered light as possible to disturb the view. The best direction to look for the auroras is in the northern sky when it is clear and dark. 

Guided tours maximizes your changes

In Levi there is several guided tours for those who wish to see the northern lights. Northern light tours can be on the snowshoes, on the horseback, or horse sleigh, with the dog- or reindeer sleigh, snowcat, snowmobile or by car, and on early September even on the pontoon ferry or canoe!

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