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Experience the summertime

Magic of Levi

The golden light, floral splendout of the fells, warm touch of water

The Season of The Midnight Sun

The annual cycle in Levi is magical. Here you will enjoy eight seasons, instead of just four.

Some destinations are simply a must-see. Levi is definitely one of these. During the summer the sun shines throughout the day – and the night.

The true magic of Lapland begins to emerge as the snow melts and fragrant flowers bloom along the babbling brooks.

In the summer, the fells bathe in the light of the midnight sun; stones warmed by sunlight offer the perfect place to gaze upon the landscape expanding to the horizon in all directions, where even gnats won’t bother you.

We listed five things the visitor must experience during the midsummer in Levi.

hiking at levi


In the summer, sunlight paints the top of the Levi fell and wakes you up gently in the morning – or even in the middle of the night. The midnight sun never sleeps. It shines around the clock for 45 days.

There is a special kind of magical atmosphere as the sun is shining low in the horizon. Dew appears on the leaves during the night.The ground is moist and the aroma of the nature is pure and fresh. The senses awaken as you're alone with the sound of the wind and silence.

Levi fell has easy hiking paths for beginners. There is suitable night hike path that takes you to the summit. There is also a possibility for a short walk around the summit of Levi fell. Kätkätunturi fell is also an ideal hiking location for many reasons: it's near the Levi centre yet it offers unique peace and quiet. Keep in mind the hike takes about 1,5-2 hours one way so pack a thermos and sandwiches with you.

Joulupukin mokki_kesa_auringonlasku_nelio


While you are visiting Levi don’t forget to visit the iconic Santa’s Cabin. The Cabin is easily reachable. The Lappish fell scenery here is totally stunning. This is the place to make memories for a lifetime and take stunningly colourful photos.

Santa's cabin was built for a film set in the Levi fell slopes. The movie was called Christmas Story and this was the setting for Santa's childhood home. Most people recognize the grey wooden building from numerous Instagram photos taken by travellers visiting the picuresque place.

There is nothing inside the cabin but the terrace has an amazing view across the Ylläs, Kätkä and Aakenus fells. Santa's Cabin is located between slopes W.3 and 13.2. It is an easy spot to reach, just a half an hour hike from the base of the Gondoli2000 lift station. You can also take the panoramic gondola lift and walk to the Ice Age trail from the top of Levi.



The so-called nightless night begins at the end of May and comes to end around mid-July. This is the perfect time for a sauna in the early hours of the morning, for picking flowers to cast Midsummer spells or head towards the most northern 18-hole golf course in Finland.

Or how about a canoe, a kayak or a SUP-board trip? Ounasjoki river bed is wide and the current is moderate. The river makes a tight loop and the reveals a small paradise – a sandy beach is a perfect spot to have a snack break.

Or a biking trip with friends amids beautiful scenary in Lapland? At Bike Park in Levi, you can try downhill mountain biking. Beginners are also welcome to join the adventure. If you enjoy more peaceful activities, you can take part in a fatbike trip.

valokuvaus kesä tunturit


From Levi you have an easy access to one of the oldest and most famous national parks in Finland. The Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park is a magical place that entices visitors to move at its pace and rhythm. The hustle and bustle of routine life is quickly left behind.

Here you can breathe the world's purest air and experience the vastness of the wilderness around you. The versatile trails of Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park take you easily to open fell tops and cozy campfire sites. In summer you can go trekking on the 500 kilometres of marked trails.

The national park has also several special sites for you to feast your soul on during the wondrous nightless night. The sand on the southern shores of Pallasjärvi lake is striking red (Punainenhiekka). An open wilderness hut and a campfire site awaits. When you want to work up a sweat and ride a bike in astonishing scenery, choose the Kukaslompolo trail.

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Kittilä is a vivid art and culture municipality, and you can find plenty to look at in the Levi region. Lapland mysticism has tempted travellers for a long time. Local nature and the life cycle have been captured here in paintings for decades.

A trip to Reidar Särestöniemi's ornate home is a perfect spot for a visit for those interested in local culture. Reidar Särestöniemi's paintings echo the colours of Lapland in different season. You can also go on a guided tour around the Särestöniemi Museum.

Samiland contains an exhibition area, where the European Union's only indigenous people’s history and present are on display. Halipuu organises relaxing hammock and tree hugging excursions in the middle of the woods.

Levi in a nutshell

  • Only 15 minutes transfer from the Kittilä airport (KTT) to Levi village

  • Over 50 different summer activities to choose from

  • 18-hole golf course

  • Great possibilities for hiking and biking

  • The biggest activity park in Northern Europe

  • The purest air in populated area according to WHO and the happiest people in the world

  • 25 000 bed places

Levi offers a wide variety of hotels, cabins, and apartments from 1 to 5 stars. Whether you are looking for an alpine-style apartment in the middle of the village, a log cabin surrounded by nature, or a glass igloo in the fell you will surely find a suitable option. The apartments and the cabins are well-equipped for a perfect holiday and in most of them, you can enjoy the warmth of your own sauna.

No matter when you arrive, your experience will always be unforgettable. Wondrous. You are warmly welcome!

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