3 X Why I love Levi
Levi maisema kevät

3 X Why I love Levi

What is it about Levi that makes your heart beat faster? We asked three visitors we bumped into out and about in Levi.

Following reindeer

- I FIRST CAME HERE in 1998 to snowboard because this place looked different from the Alps. There are no reindeer walking around in the Alps, nor are there that many snow mobiles, husky sled rides or any other outdoor activities apart from skiing.

The previous time we visited, we were here to spend the New Year’s Eve. Now I wanted my wife and my child to see this place in the spring. We are going to visit the snow castle in the spirit of Game of Thrones, meet Santa Claus in Rovaniemi and go look for reindeer. The four-year-old is so excited.

This place, of course, holds a lot of memories. It was thrilling going out on New Year’s Eve to set off fireworks. In that moment, the northern lights filled the sky. I’ve seen them many times but for my wife and my child this was the first time. Such a perfect timing.

Christian Torstein, from Copenhagen, Denmark.

A moment in the sun

- WE ARRIVED three days ago. I can already tell that the best thing about Levi is the landscape and the ski trails. They are maintained so well that even someone like me, who goes cross-country skiing once a year, enjoys the experience. I adore the fell. There’s nothing but pure nature. And the air is so fresh and clean to breath.

I’ve visited Levi from Ylläs but this time we are staying here in a cottage by the lake Kätkäjärvi. One day we skied along the shore to a café. It was on a slope, it was like a stand with a view to the lake. We had coffee in the sunshine. You could hear a snow mobile somewhere in the distance and people talking quietly. It was so quiet and beautiful.

Teija Heinonen, from Sastamala, Southern Finland.

The call of the slopes

- I HAVE VISITED Levi since 2000. That was when we got a timeshare cottage here. It is at our disposal every six weeks. Before that we had a cabin in Austria and before that, from 1967 and on, we had one in Ruka, in Kuusamo.

Usually we spend time downhill skiing and during the summer we ride our bikes. In the winter, we can be on the slopes from nine in the morning and we won’t leave until six in the evening. We also go downhill skiing with the children, they have competed in the sport, too. They have nice slopes here. The north-eastern ones are my favourite. Piste number six offers a bit of a challenge, too.

On our first visit, the ski bus took us from the slopes all the way to our cottage. The driver told us to call him when we needed a ride back. I mean, that’s pretty good service if you ask me.

Pentti Viljanen, from Nummela, Southern Finland.

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