A year in Levi – 3 unique events

A year in Levi – 3 unique events

Levi is full of events.


Culmination of the long-distance ski season

- The best thing after weeks of work, planning, logistics and meticulous scheduling, is when the race starts and you see it all come together. The amateur skiers over come their limitations and nobody has a clue that just a minute ago we were looking for our zip ties.

Marja Rauhalammi, responsible for service spots and recruitment of volunteers.


Running event circling Levitunturi fell

- The autumnal season begins with a marathon among the colourful foliage. People are happy and they support each other. We keep busy at the hydration stations.

Päivi Similä, volunteer working at the refreshments station of the Kätkän Kävijät local scouts group.


World's best alpine skiers in Levi

- It's a great to see foreign athletes entering the polar night, then seeing the sun and taking out their cameras immediately. An incredible number of photos from Levi spread around the world just within a couple of days. We are working day and night for a week before the event and the week following the event. When it's all done, you think let's do this again next year. 

Hannu Heikkilä, responsible for the trafifc planning for the event.

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