Accommodation in Levi: 3 x Sleep in the snow
Lumi hanki pinkki

Accommodation in Levi: 3 x Sleep in the snow

The range of accommodation in Levi is second to none.

1 – Igloo

Do you daydream about sleeping all cosy and warm under thousand of starts? Our glass-structured igloos provide a luxutious experience sleeping under the blue sky and the Northern Lights. You can enjoy the Lapland scenery with all the comforts and amenities of a small holiday villa.

2 – Wilderness Hut

Would you like to test your survival skills in the middle of the woods with no running water or electricity? You can do that in the wilderness huts managed by the Ministry of the Environment. Chop wood, collect snow to boil water and spend the night in a sleeping bag. Wake up in the morning and head out for a new adventure!

3 – Snow Fort

How do you feel about sleeping amongst snow and ice sulptures? Lapland Hotels SnowVillage is a hotel where you sleep in a room sculpted of ice and snow. You can have a nightcap in the ice bar.

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