Activities in Levi – Surfing on the snow
Kaamos talvi lumi hanki

Activities in Levi – Surfing on the snow

I feel like I'm floating. Both on the snow and especially in my head. Time stands still. Body and mind are one.

I want more, feels like I'm hooked from the first time. What really happened here?

Because it didn't feel the same just minutes ago. My first attempt at the new sport ended with a spectacular face-plant in the snow. Cleaning the snow off my clothes and skin. In the bitter cold, glasses fog up in an instant on contact with snow. A failed first attempt is a gut-wrenching experience. I head for a new try with enthusiasm. I am smiling.

We are trying out a new sport for all of us. Snowsurfing is minimalist in its simplicity. All you need is a snowsurf board, a slope with a suitable incline and enough untouched snow, for example in the shelter of a forest.

Head uphill on foot or on snowshoes. In a suitable place, put the snowsurf underneath, attach the leash and point the nose down. Repeat a sufficient number of times. Once you have reached the right balance of fatigue and pleasure, it is time to stop.

The introduction to snowsurfing provided laughter and excitement. Soft falls and successes. The shared joy of doing and experiencing. Warm juice and tasty biscuits. Flashing headlamps and smiling faces.

Snowsurfing is an easy sport to try. It's perfect for a small group of people to enjoy a winter activity together in Levi.

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