Are your skis and snowboard in good condition? Checklist for a smooth start to the season
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Are your skis and snowboard in good condition? Checklist for a smooth start to the season

The peak season for skiing is upon us again, and the most enthusiastic skiers have already kicked off the season. Now it’s time to bring out your ski equipment and check their condition after the spring season before conquering the fell peaks. Here’s a short checklist for skiers to go through before jumping into your boots:


Check the condition of your bases: is there any embedded dirt or damage from twigs and branches in the spring snow? If you find any damage, our equipment maintenance professionals at Zero Point on the Front Slopes and South Point on the South Slopes can quickly repair difficult dents and polish out annoying scratches. A well-maintained base glides smoothly on the slopes and also prevents snow from sticking.


The edges of skis/snowboards wear out quickly. Do they look dull, rusty, or have visible nicks after the summer? The sharper the edges, the better the grip on your skis/board. Even the most skilled skier will find it hard to turn smoothly if the skis/board do not properly grip the snow or ice.


Proper waxing of the base is essential for the overall skiing experience. You can easily wax your skis or board at home just like you would wax cross-country skis. However, equipment maintenance professionals can choose the right wax blend for the weather and your needs without burning their fingers.


Before hitting the slopes, make sure that the bindings are correctly installed and still secure. The screws on the bindings may loosen in soft and bumpy spring snow, so it's recommended to tighten them periodically. If you bought new boots during the off-season, it’s a good idea to visit the equipment maintenance shop to ensure the bindings are compatible with your boots.

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Additionally, ensure that your boots and helmet are in good condition and the right size. Especially for kids, who grow and change rapidly, it's important to regularly update their gear.

It is recommended to service your equipment at least once a year to keep the base in good condition. However, the most enthusiastic skiers and snowboarders service their equipment multiple times during the season, particularly at the start and end of the season. Regular maintenance extends the lifespan of skis and snowboards and ensures the best possible speeds on both soft early-season snow and mid-winter cold.

You can purchase the services you need individually or rely on the expertise of professionals by booking basic or full maintenance. Using the services at Zero Point or South Point saves you time and money, as taking care of your equipment is always cheaper and more environmentally friendly than buying new ones. Learn more about the services offered by equipment maintenance.

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