Bring your clients to Levi and boost your sales - Tips for a profitable customer event
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Bring your clients to Levi and boost your sales - Tips for a profitable customer event

When clear objectives are set for a customer event, and the program is systematically designed to meet these objectives, the results will also reflect in the bottom line.

The key to a successful corporate event is to set measurable objectives and convey a clear message to your clients. Once the budget, goals, and message are defined, the event program can be designed to achieve the desired outcomes. Here are some tips and best practices for creating a profitable customer event.


A satisfied long-term customer is more valuable than a new one. This means that a well-executed customer event targeted at existing clients can be significantly more profitable than attending trade shows. It leaves more tangible results.

So, how can you ensure customer loyalty and make existing relationships even more profitable? Face-to-face communication remains one of the most effective ways to get a client's signature on a contract. Surprisingly, the importance of in-person customer events has grown with digitalization. This is because face-to-face meetings allow messages to be clearly conveyed, understood, and remembered. During a company-hosted customer event, you don’t have to compete for attention; you can focus on the day’s agenda as planned.

As a result, more companies are regularly organizing customer events. The ability to measure outcomes has also led to a more critical examination of the actual results from traditional trade show participation. Investments in customer events have grown significantly, while trade show participation is now more selectively chosen based on expected returns. Redirecting some of the trade show investments to customer events can be beneficial.

Customer events also save money by replacing multiple customer visits and a large number of travel days. When savings are combined with a planned revenue logic and measurable goals, you're already on the path to success.


How do you create a program that delivers results? Here are some best practices.

Organize a training session on the use of your product or service, showcasing the best or most time-saving practices. You could make this a workshop that addresses a real practical challenge in your clients' work. The key is to provide tangible added value to your clients’ daily operations. When the event is genuinely useful, even clients from afar will attend.

Show clients how a broader software or service package could benefit their daily work during a joint workshop. Support the benefits of a more comprehensive solution with a datasheet that includes examples of payback periods. Offer a VIP customer promotion for the upgrade being presented.

Invite a well-known industry influencer or expert. If you have one among your customers, plan an interesting and useful keynote with them. If significant industry companies are present, consider organizing a panel discussion that reinforces your company's message.

Share your company’s future plans with VIP clients. Can you share a near-future roadmap of product development with your closest clients? This also allows you to receive valuable feedback and shows clients that their opinions matter.

Invite a few significant potential clients with whom you may already be in discussions. They can hear from long-term clients about why they should use your product or service. Include case presentations from long-term clients where your product played a crucial role. Offer a suitable introductory offer for new clients.


An offer seamlessly integrated into the program can turn the event into a sales opportunity and grow the size of customer accounts. Customer events are effective for long-term profitability through better group cohesion, closer personal connections, trust, and a better understanding of your company’s solutions.

One of the best ways to build closer personal ties with clients is to create an exciting side program in a memorable environment alongside your planned agenda. Levi Ski Resort’s sales service can help you organize an impressive corporate event in unforgettable settings.

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