Plan a staff event that delivers results
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Plan a staff event that delivers results

A staff event is an investment in the company's most important resource, but how can you ensure that this investment yields the best returns?

Contrary to common practice, staff events should also have clear objectives, and the program should be systematically designed to meet those objectives. Once the budget, goals, and message for the event are defined, the program can be planned to achieve the desired outcomes. Here are a few tips on how to make a staff event deliver results and even open up new business opportunities.


Planning a successful staff event begins with setting goals. If you want to create something new and different from your competitors, the program should be designed accordingly. It’s unrealistic to expect new results with the same old approach.

When employees are taken out of their usual surroundings and routines, it’s easier to brainstorm creatively. Freely discuss the future and consider the likely development directions of your industry. What do your company’s own experts say about the direction your company should guide industry discussions or developments? What can you do today to stay ahead of the competition? Be the first to speak boldly about your chosen topic. A well-planned staff event can lay the foundation for your company’s thought leadership.

A staff event is also an opportunity to build a positive work atmosphere and foster engagement. Having fun with colleagues is beneficial, relieving work stress and promoting team bonding. Close personal relationships among employees are key to building a good work environment. When the team engages in fun activities together, they talk and get to know each other and their shared interests. This is how new friendships begin, continuing even outside of work. When people know each other as more than just colleagues, they work well together and enjoy each other's company. When team members have fun together, they are also motivated to exceed themselves for the good of the team. Behind a good team are often many shared fun and unique experiences, which are fondly remembered together.


When goals are systematically implemented and surrounded by an exhilarating and joyful side program in the fresh outdoors, the results are also economically visible. A well-organized staff event generates entirely new initiatives, more efficient teams, a better work environment, and reduces staff turnover.

When activities are physical, the event supports the well-being of your staff in the future. A healthy and well staff means fewer sick leaves and health visits. At best, a carefully organized staff day can also act as a starting point for a new physical hobby.

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