Enjoy Sauna and Relaxation at Levi
Levi Sauna

Enjoy Sauna and Relaxation at Levi

No vacation in Levi is complete without sauna! Try our simple tips for guaranteed relaxation.

HEAT – The temperature in a sauna should not be too high, and the heat should feel pleasantly humid and soft. Going to the sauna should feel enjoyable.

OXYGEN – You should be able to breathe easily in a sauna: the larger the space, the more oxygen there is in the air inside. You can take a breather outside to cool down before going back into the sauna.

ATTITUDE – If you are after tranquility, you must be able to relax in the sauna. Sometimes you just need to listen to the water sizzling on the hot stones.

TALKING – In a sauna, you can talk about anything that is on your mind to destress. But sometimes it's best to leave room for silence as well.

CONSIDERATION – You do not have to go to the sauna naked and can instead wear a towel or a bathing suit. If you have less experience with saunas, you should start small when throwing water onto the stones.

Saunas Worth Trying in Levi

Historic Sammun-Tupa

The yard of Sammun-Tupa feels like it has not changed in a hundred years with old tools hanging from the gray log walls. This historic milieu was once the home of a forest warden. The reindeer farm with the oldest café serving skiers in Levi is famous for its traditional wood-fired sauna and atmospheric smoke sauna. In the winter, a hole is carved into the ice for swimming, which means that the visitors can take a dip in the Ounasjoki River at any time of the year.

Unforgettable Elves Experience Village

The sauna on the bank of the Ounasjoki River at Hotel Taivaanvalkeat, which is part of the Elves' Experience Village was originally a logging hut. On Fridays, the riverside sauna also welcomes solo visitors, and the price for a two-hour sauna experience is €23 per person. In addition to relaxation in the sauna, the Elves' experience Village offers a café and restaurant, accommodation services, and various experiences for children and adults alike.

Water World Levi – A Spa in a Central Location

Water World Levi is easily accessible in the center of Levi. The spa is a treasure trove for sauna enthusiasts with a traditional Finnish sauna, an atmospheric log sauna, and a gentle steam sauna that offer variety to a much-expected trip to the spa. Our reasons for a spa visit are often more significant than a simple sauna experience: rest, relaxation, and spending time with the family.

Traditional Cabin Sauna

In addition to the many public and private saunas, the one at your holiday accommodation is the favorite sauna of many visitors to Levi. Including all the holiday home saunas, Levi has more than 2000 saunas. In addition to sauna, many holiday homes also include jacuzzis or hot tubs. You can choose from various options including saunas offering great views of the fellscape, saunas located next to the water, and saunas at the center of the village.

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