Equipment for different winter sports from our ski rental!
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Equipment for different winter sports from our ski rental!

Skiing and snowboarding are easily the most popular winter sports in our Ski Resort. However, have you ever thought that there are so many more ways to get down the slopes and explore the nature? 

Whether it's a winter holiday or just a bit longer weekend, you will never get tired at Levi. You can find many different levels of equipment for skiing and snowboarding in our rentals. However, if you want to try something new between the long days at the slopes, change your downhill skis to telemark skis or ski touring equipment. When the road leads to deep snow or to narrow trails, we got you covered! From our ski rental, you can find equipment for many different winter sports, such as fatbiking, snowshoeing and ski touring. On top of our classic equipment, like cross-country skis, we have a few extraordinary products, like snow surfs for more adventurous skiers and snowboarders!


Whether you want to head to the slopes or to the terrain park to carve your skis, you can find all kind of equipment from our rentals: twintip skis, all mountain skis, as well as skis designed for slalom and giant slalom. By renting a pair of superior category skis, you also have the opportunity to try different models of skis - if you wish, you can test several pairs during the day! You can also find different kind of snowboards on both to the slopes and to terrain parks, from the smallest children's 86 cm long board to the extra-long 203 cm Nitron Quiver Cannon. Our selection also includes powder boards and splitboards.

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Our rentals have different kind of skis and boards for carving lovers as well as for those who dream of powder-soft snow. 


With snowshoes on, you can easily wonder around in untouched snow, even there, where snowmobiles can't reach. Snowshoeing allowes you to walk practically anywhere in a Lappish wilderness, because their design support your weight on the snow. Snowshoes are attached directly on your winter shoes or hiking boots, which means you can take them off and keep on walking normally anytime the route feels easy enough. Snowshoeing is a great exercise for people of all ages and fitness levels, because it's completely safe but effective way to move around. If you really want to break a sweat, a little jog with running snowshoes will get you warm enough. In Levi, we have over 20 km of maintained winter walking routes to explore the nature!

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Head to maintained winter walking routes or explore snowy forests with snowshoes.


These electric or non-electric mountain bikes with extra-wide tires have gained a huge popularity all over the world! You won't wonder why, after you have experienced yourself how smoothly and easily these fatbikes ride in a snowy off-road adventures. Levi offers great facilities for wintertime biking, from a wide selection of bikes to maintained winter biking routes! You can practically bike anywhere on the pedestrian/cycle roads, as long as you stay away from the cross-country ski trails. If you don't feel like sweating and seek a little easier activity, you can also rent an electric fatbike from us. As a novelty of this winter, a new 3 kilometer long "Golfin kierros" winter fatbiking route has been opened next to Levi Golf Course.

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Get your helmet on and let's go! Even a road full of powder snow can't stop these tyres from rolling.


Cross-country skiing is one of the most popular exercises among Finns during wintertime. Learning cross-country skiing is easier with the traditional skiing technique. Free cross-country skiing technique is also a fun and fast-paced form of exercise. However, if you wish to head to explore the fells and backcountries outside the ski tracks, we recommend you to grab a pair of nordic backcountry skis or sliding snowshoes, which are better option on backcountry terrains. Cross-country skiing trips are fun with the entire family, and if there are very small children on the trip, the little ones can jump on a pulk sled. Pulk sled is also handy equipment transporting your gear on ski trips.

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Nordic backcountry skis are great backcountry skiing.


Ski touring means climbing up backcountry slopes and then skiing down, while enjoying the powdery snow and the natural environment. In ski touring, special climbing skins are attached to the bottom of your skis to climb uphill and then removed after reaching the top of the mountain and before skiing back down. Due to its level of difficulty, we recommend ski touring for skiers who already have some previous experience with freeriding. For those who have discovered freeriding recently or are interested in ski touring, we recommend getting to know the sport through a guided skiing trip with the Levi Ski School instructor.

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By ski touring you can enjoy breathtaking mountain views in completely new way. 


Surfboard for arctic conditions – what else could snow lovers and free-riders wish for? In snow surfboards, regular snowboard bindings are replaced with a firm rubber grip. Due to the boards' stability and controllability, snowsurfing is best on powder snow. So instead of heading towards the corduroy slopes, the best is to take your direction towards softer and deeper snow pillows. With untouched powder fields, you can enjoy the freedom kind of like on waves of the sea! Snowsurfing is especially a good option for snowboarders looking for an alternative way to descend down the slopes when the snow is fresh and light. 

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