Get inspired of freeriding at the Levi fell!
lsr Ape Majava

Get inspired of freeriding at the Levi fell!

Interest in freeriding has grown greatly recently and Levi has also invested in this growing area of interest. In all its beauty, freeriding is an invigorating and wonderful experience that comes when the skier/snowboarder knows what he/she is doing, where he/she is going and safety has been taken into account.

In the season 2020-2021, Levi Ski Resort started cooperating with the Finnish freeski legend Arto “Ape” Majava. Ape is one of Levi's ambassadors, he is Levi's freeski ambassador, and he introduces customers to the basics of freeriding in Levitunturi through various courses and excursions. Later in the spring, Ape will run freeriding courses, the first one is aimed for first-timers and the next for those who already have experience of freeriding. Ape’s tours and courses provide a great opportunity to try freeriding easily and safely. Levi Ski School also offers ski touring trips during the spring season for skiers who are interested in ski touring and freeriding.

Along with the lift-accessible freeriding, Ape's excursions and courses bring the
next step into the world of freeriding. Learn the basics of the freeriding world with Ape; going uphill using climbing skins, getting to know the equipment and snow safety equipment, practicing freeriding techniques, and enjoying the fresh air together in a fun group.

“With the popularity of freeriding, various clinics and guided tours are a natural way to
move forward in the sport. Guided tours take you deeper into the best freeride spots in the fells of Western Lapland. During the day trip, there will be a few ascents according to the group's fitness level and wishes. The destination of the trip is always selected according to the snow and weather conditions. ABC clinics focus on freeriding techniques. Over the years, I have noticed shortcomings in the basic skills of those who come to the sport, and even with a little guidance, the skier/snowboarder gets more out of the sport and also encourages him/her to ski down on a hard slope. On the slope near the lifts, it is good to practice different turning techniques, with the help of the lift, you can also get enough repetitions. Skiing requires technique and without repetitions, it is hard to learn. You can only learn to ski on challenging platforms by skiing. By ski touring you simply won’t get enough reps, whether you snowboard, ski, or use telemark skies. So I can sincerely recommend downhill skiing exercises as well as my ABC technique courses. The different lessons of the ski school are also a good place to improve your skills. You can get much more out of freeriding when you have the proper skill level for skiing/snowboarding”, says Ape Majava.

A separate FreeSki area near the Northeast Slopes was opened in Levi fell for the season 2016-2017. The area is usually opened for the ski holidays, as long as the snow situation and conditions allow. In the FreeSki area, it is possible to do so-called lift accessible freeriding; take the T-bar nro 6 up and come down on the FreeSki area. In the 2021-2022 season, the ski resort also opened five ski touring routes.

The ski resort also has a beacon training field on the Front Slopes where rescue search is practiced. The beacon training field is mainly intended for the own training purposes of Levi Ski Resort, Levi Snow Sport Academy and the Volunteer Fire Department, but customers can also test the rescue search, e.g. with Ape’s freeriding courses and Levi Ski School courses.

Levi and Western Lapland are a great place to start freeriding safely in the form of various
courses and excursions, as freeriding requires knowledge and skill. When heading into the backcountry terrain, it should be remembered that outside the slopes, the skier/snowboarder always moves at his/hers own risk. Snow safety forecasts should be checked before heading to the backcountry. You can check the snow safety situation and avalanche danger forecast from the local ski school or Ski Patrols, and you can check the avalanche estimate for the whole of Lapland on the website of the Finnish Meteorological Institute. In the rapidly changing weather of the fells, it is worth remembering to prepare for some sudden changes.

Levi Ski Resort's rental shops offer a great selection of free riding equipment for snowboarders, skiers and telemark skiers. You can also rent snow safety equipment from our rentals

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