Hiking in Levi – Follow in the Shaman's Footsteps
Levi Kellostapuli

Hiking in Levi – Follow in the Shaman's Footsteps

Welcome to the trail of the Great Shaman! This mini excursion will take you to a place of tranquility and breathtaking landscapes.

We've received a tip-off about a very special place, the location of which has been passed down as a story from one wise man to another. Like a hidden promise, the journey is only undertaken if the sage is convinced of the listener's ability to cherish and share the secret.

The sun filters its rays through the pine trees. The beautiful light of an autumn day beckons us to seek and discover something magical. In the distance, there's a faint sound of a moving car. Otherwise, it's completely silent.

We delve deeper into the forest, lost in our own thoughts. The path ascends, and we balance on the rocks. Short boardwalks tempt us to pause and capture the beauty of the moment as visual memories on our phones.

Peace surrounds us and works its magic. I observe the surroundings as the grip of haste loosens. I notice the beauty of the moment and see a smile on my hiking companion's face. Impressive woodpecker holes in a weathered tree and lingonberry patches along the way.

Soon we're at our destination. A small effort with a big reward. Stunning views, but above all the opportunity to find serenity. To immerse ourselves in the moment and enjoy the journey itself.

As we begin our return journey, I think, 'Thank you, Shaman'. I didn't know such a place existed. It's like a childhood fairy tale come to life.

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