Hiking in Levi – Off the beaten track

Hiking in Levi – Off the beaten track

In Levi, nature offers many memorable experiences.

Often the best memories come from the small details, from observing the everyday life around you and your loved ones.

It's autumn grey outside. The air is unseasonably warm. But when you venture out, the landscape of your mind quickly changes shape.

The journey takes you along a magnificent path tinted with autumn colours. Wool socks and rubber boots keep your feet dry. The dog wakes up, something is clearly being noticed. A grouse flying straight ahead awakens all the senses.

A chance encounter shifts the focus from the self to what is around you. Instead of a straight path, we notice a small bump to the right. The magnificent marsh landscape stops you in your tracks. In the background, Kätkunturi opens up in all its beauty.

I walk slowly, avoiding the wettest parts. The cranberries have appeared on the bushes, autumn is already in full swing. The smell of the marsh. Breathing calms down. The world around you, and especially the world inside your head, begins to take its rightful place.

Back to the shelter of the forest. A magnificent concert by the birds. A squirrel playing in a tree. All this just a little over a kilometre from your own accommodation.

As well as a big adventure or a long hike, getting up close and personal is almost always rewarded in Levi.

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