Levi´s Christmas Market - Tune into the Christmas atmosphere and find wonderful handicrafts

Levi´s Christmas Market - Tune into the Christmas atmosphere and find wonderful handicrafts

Levi's traditional Christmas market brings an extra touch of magic to the winter season and Christmas. Visit the Christmas market to meet friends, taste Christmas delicacies, do some shopping and above all, come and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere!

The Christmas market opens in November and is located near Zero Point. Wooden stalls with Christmas lights bring a Christmas atmosphere to Levi and you will find domestic, local and Lappish products as well as food and drinks. At the Christmas market, you can find gifts, maybe as a Christmas present to your loved ones!

The tradition of Levi's Christmas market began in 2008. Since the first year, Pauliina Suutari from Kittilä has made wonderful handicrafts for sale at the Christmas market. The Christmas market opens in November, but Suutari's family starts preparing for it already in August, at the same time as the berry picking season is underway.

- I have already started knitting products at the time of berry picking. I knit socks, mittens, sweaters and I also make rugs, everything you need in the winter, says Pauliina Suutari.

Pauliina Suutari has been a versatile artisan all her life. Among other things, he has taught weaving and leather work at the community college. Ideas are running through her head all the time, and nowadays her daughter also helps with the crafts, because the demand, especially for sweaters, is high.

- The biggest hits in recent years have been the Lappish sweater and Norwegian sweaters. We want to keep the products up to date, so we need to have plenty of time for production. We have both Finnish and foreign tourists as regular customers. My daughter is now in charge of selling at the market because she speaks different languages, I mainly make the products. The Christmas market is an important tradition, because there are different products for sale than in ordinary stores. We are looking forward to this season again, says Pauliina.

The Christmas market opens on November 17th, 2023 and the market is open every day except for Christmas Day until January 7th. On Saint Lucy’s Day, a procession of Icelandic horses visits the Christmas market, and on Christmas Eve, the Christmas Peace Declaration is heard at the market.

Open every day 10.00 - 18.00

Christmas Eve 24.12 open 10.00 – 15.00
Christmas Day 25.12 closed
St. Stephen’s Day 26.12 open 12.00 – 18.00

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