Levi Ski Resort's 2021-2022 winter season was record-breaking!
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Levi Ski Resort's 2021-2022 winter season was record-breaking!

Customers have warmly welcomed Levi Ski Resort's recent development efforts, and this past winter season broke all industry records in Finland. The fell and its services have been developed with a customer-first approach, which was reflected in the ski resort's total winter sales, increasing by +35% compared to the previous season. Levi Ski Resort thanks its customers for a successful winter season.

Levi Ski Resort's 2021-2022 winter season broke all industry records in Finland. As the leading ski resort in the country, Levi strengthened its position as a market leader and recorded the highest numbers ever in the Finnish ski resort industry in terms of ski days, lift ticket sales, and overall sales growth for the season. There were 550,000 ski days on Levi's slopes during the season. Lift ticket sales increased by 29%, and the ski resort's total sales grew by an impressive 35%. The ski season ended on Mother's Day, May 8, 2022, making the total length of the season a remarkable 213 days.

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Customer Feedback and Arctic Environment Consideration Drive Levi's Development

"Levi's winter season hit the mark in every aspect. An excellent start to the season in October, followed by successful snowmaking and the early opening of the slopes, provided our customers with high-quality conditions for a variety of slope activities. The ski resort's long-term and intensive investment program, which includes investments in state-of-the-art lifts, continuous expansion of the snowmaking system, and the development of slopes and special performance areas, has been well received by both domestic and international customers. The popularity of the South and West Point areas has increased with the modern lift upgrades, making them the two most popular areas at the resort," explains Levi Ski Resort CEO Jouni Palosaari.

In developing conditions, customer feedback is taken into account, and special consideration is given to the sensitive Arctic environment. Levi Ski Resort is the only Nordic ski resort with ISO 14001 environmental certification, which guides daily operations and decision-making. All new investments are based on modernizing existing slope areas. Slope profiling focuses on erosion control using modern methods, and the latest and most energy-efficient solutions are used in snowmaking systems and lighting construction. The latest technology in lift construction is energy-efficient and low-maintenance. The biggest investment of the upcoming summer, over €8 million for the "Levi Glacier" on the Front Slopes, follows the same sustainable construction and long lifecycle ideology as the recent Levi West Point project.

"A new, modern six-person chairlift, 'Glacier Express,' will be built on the Front Slopes during the summer of 2022, and the base of the Front Slopes will be renewed. Next to the chairlift, Finland's first glacier will be constructed. With these updates, we are strongly involved in the global ski lift business. The next phase of fell modernization investments is planned for the Northeast and Southeast Slopes, with anchor lifts 6 and 7 being upgraded to chairlifts," says Jouni Palosaari.

Digital Solutions Enhance the Skier's Slope Day

The "Smart Fell" project, launched in 2019, has also been well received by customers. An intelligent digital ecosystem has been built into the fell, including a digital information channel with slope, lift, and weather information, live cameras, and Levi Ski Resort's own Levi Resort app, which features comprehensive fell information and useful features for skiers combined with the Levi Black loyalty program.

"The Levi Resort app has been enthusiastically received, with numerous downloads and users. This positive signal provides the opportunity to further develop the fell. With new innovations, we aim to offer our customers the best possible conditions to focus on what matters most: the amazing slope experiences the fell provides," summarizes Levi Ski Resort's Commercial Director Marko Mustonen.

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