Levi's slope selection is a skier's paradise

Levi's slope selection is a skier's paradise!


Levi has something for everyone! Thanks to our extensive slope selection, skiers and snowboarders from beginners to professionals enjoy their days in our snowy fell. Don’t get stuck in the familiar Front Slopes – go on an adventure around the fell and find your new favorite slope!

To make your journey through our slope jungle a little bit easier,  we gathered all the main information about the different slope areas into one post. So whether you are a total beginner or planning to spend a day at our ski resort with kids, you can check out the best slopes for you, as well as the locations of Leevilandia and Kids' Land.  On the other hand, if you feel like trying more advanced slopes, mark your way to the black slopes, free ski areas or the terrain parks of Levi.


Front Slopes are the heart of Levi Ski Resort, located right next to Levi centre! From here you can find anything you need: ski pass office, international ski school, ski rental, café services and much more. The longest slopes at Front Slopes are mainly intermediate slopes, so we suggest beginners to head on to the magic carpet lift or pome lifts of Kids' Land instead of the North chairlift. In Kids' Land, children can also participate in the free weekly programs or borrow sliders.  At Kids' Land, you can also warm up in a Lappish hut or even grill your own sausages in the hut.

From Front Slopes you can also find one of the three terrain parks at Levi. In the upcoming season, Front Slope's Street will be transforming into a completely new Fun Park with fresh and new obstacles. Fun Park will be a perfect place for younger freeskiers and freestylers to practice their skills.

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In Front Slopes Kids' Land, children can explore skis and snowboards safely with their own parents or Levi Ski School instructors.


Long and gentle South Slopes are a snow-soft dream for families! South Point building is easy to reach with your own car and from there you can find almost all the same services as from Front Slopes. Ski pass office, ski rental, ski schools and a restaurant right where you need them to be!

Leevilandia has an easy carpet and pome lift for children to train their skills on top of skis and snowboards. A bubble shell chairlift will also carry skiers comfortably to longer slopes, which are perfectly gentle and wide for inexperienced skiers. If you like, you can spend the whole day with children at the South Slopes!

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South Slopes are also a paradise for freestylers! Levi South Park and Junior South Park offer some speed and variation of obstacles for freestyle lovers in all skill levels. Almost one kilometer long Levi South Park will be found near lift number 9 at slope 9.2. On the other side of the same lift stands Junior South Park, which jumps and rails are a little bit smaller and easier compared to its big brother. 

lsr south park

From Levi South Park you will find 25–30 different obstacles depending on the current snow situation.


West Slopes are full of challenges for skiers in all levels. Legendary Levi Black is one of the hardest slopes of the whole Ski Resort and offers tickles of excitement for both professional alpine skiers and experienced amateurs. From West Slopes you can also find a large variety of blue (easy) and red (intermediate) slopes. In addition, West Slopes have one of the Ski Resorts comfy gondolas and a brand-new Levi West -chairlift!

West Slopes has also been updated a bit during summer 2020. The slope area has been increased, lightning renewed, and the snow capacity has been increased. Come and test yourself, how these upgraded slopes truly feel! Connecting route between West Slopes and Front Slopes makes it easy to move from one area to another.


In Northeast Slopes, you get to enjoy the longest rides of Levi. The slopes from lift number 6 are over one kilometer long and almost 300m high.  Northeast Slopes' difficulty level is intermediate, so they are a little bit more challenging, but also offer a lot of space for carving your skis. 

The specialty of Northeast Slopes is the freeski slopes full of natural snow! Freeski area is reviewed daily and closed if necessary, to ensure safe rides for everyone. Freeski slopes are open between February and April, usually during weeks 7–16. This area is a true paradise for people who enjoy the feeling of freedom and powder turns.

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In Levi freeski area, you can ride in safe conditions checked daily by our ski patrols. 


This slope area is a nice and cozy training place for families and beginners. Southeast Slopes have a lot of blue and red slopes, with a perfect amount of width and speed for beginners and intermediate skiers that need a bit more challenges. In addition to the T-bar lifts, you can find one pome lift from the area, where beginners can practice their skills. Southeast Slopes have also a wide parking area, so starting your day straight from this peaceful place is also possible. 

Find more about the opening goals for slopes and lifts. Start your adventure easy and effortless by buying ski passes, ski rentals and ski schools from our webstore. Be sure to familiarize yourself also with slope safety beforehand.