We open more slopes during winter holiday!
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We open more slopes during winter holiday!

During weeks 7 & 8 we are opening more lifts and slopes in our ski resort! This way we to give more options for the holiday makers who come to our resort to enjoy sunny winter days and snowy slopes. We open slopes both families and professional skiers!

When rush hour surprises people on their favorite slopes, similar slopes on the other side of the fell may yawn in their emptiness and provide much-needed peace from the seasonal traffic. Some of Levi's natural snow slopes will not be opened until around February, which however, doesn't make them any less insignificant than the cannon snow slopes that are open throughout the winter. The slopes that open during weeks 7 and 8 bring nice variation for seasonal holidaymakers, especially Winter Holiday skiers. From this post, you will find the best tips and options for spring season slopes. 


Families, and especially young children and their parents, enjoy themselves best in Front Slopes Kid's Land and South Slopes Leevilandia. No wonder, as these ski areas have all the necessary services from ski rental to slope restaurants and carpet lifts. However, during the high season,  parking lots in the area might congest and queues become longer. Luckily you can find alternative slopes on the other side of the mountain!

The 7B slopes, which open on the Southeast Slopes, are great for school-age skiers who need their own space and more of a challenge to the slopes. Laid-back and wide 7B slopes provide the much-needed peace and space for practicing curves. Adventure enthusiasts can head to the Sammun metsäreitti, slope 7B.3, located next to the 7B lift. This slope is designed especially for children and young people who prefer forest skiing routes, offering adventurous yet safe descents in the midst of the forest. Along the way, you may spot reindeer, squirrels, and even hares.

Levi Lapland February-2023 5365

Kids' forest adventure on Sammun metsäreitti – Safe and fun skiing near 7B slope.

In between the 7 and 7B lifts there's also one somp lift for beginners. 7B lift is also perfect for training the first anchor lifts. 

The Southeast Slopes have their own spacious parking lot and ticket sale. So, if you have your own equipments or have rent them before hand, you can start your day right here! The Southeast Slopes present a challenge for many different age groups: as the 7B slopes begin to feel like a child’s play, the bravest skiers can try out the red slopes at the top of the 7-lift. Through the upper lift 7, you can also smoothly switch from the Southeast Slopes to the West Slopes. Lift 12, which opens at the same week, has a lot of blue slopes for beginners to try out!

Levi ski resort kaakkoisrinteet

The Southeast Slopes are great for children and beginners. From there you can also change easily for example to Front Slopes Leevilandia and back. 


Blue is not the favorite color of every skier. That's why you can find a challenge for every taste from our slope selection. The Front Slopes chair lift and the red slopes are a classic choice for an experienced enthusiast. However, lifts 5 and 6 on the Northeast Slopes also have a lot of red slopes which open right before Winter Holiday weeks. These slopes are a real dream for the for long time ski lovers, thanks to it's long slopes and forest trails. Here you can easily spend an entire day if you like!

If the timeless black suits you best, you might want to head your skis to the G2 and 13 lifts on the West Slopes. Legendary G2, better known as Levi Black, is already open and the opening goal of the second black 13.1 slope is in week 7.

levi black sunset


During the ski holidays, you can enjoy skiing in all four different parks of Levi. It's the perfect time to showcase what you've been practicing! Three kilometers of park skiing and over 80 performance areas and obstacles guarantee a lot of fun moments for both beginners and pro skiers.

levi south park snow park
Kuva: Harri Lindfors / SHKY

Spend time in the snow parks, as here you'll experience the best atmosphere and community!


Spring is the golden age of skiing! Levi Ski Resort offers five different ski touring routes designed for safe travel in the fell landscape. The ski touring routes are not far from the slopes and are not located in avalanche terrain. One of the routes, the 6-lift R.3 route, is open and available 24/7, so you can enjoy the fell experiences while skiing around the clock.

Levi ski resort slopes February2021 4249

Slopes 6.3 and 6.4 are "unmaintained free ski slopes", it is permitted to ski down to these 24 hours.

Read more about the slopes of Levi and their opening goals here. By purchasing ski passes in advance from our online store, you can start the day from almost any possible slope area. Read more about the Winter Holiday weeks programs and book an active holiday for a sunny spring break!

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