New chairlift, Levi Six, to be operational at Northeast Slopes in October 2024!
Levi Six -tuolihissi havainnekuva

New chairlift, Levi Six, to be operational at Northeast Slopes in October 2024!

Oy Levi Ski Resort Ltd will start the construction of a state-of-the-art Doppelmayer D-Line chairlift at Northeast Slopes in May. The six-seater Levi Six chairlift is a highly anticipated addition to the ski resort's lift offerings and will be operational in October 2024.

The new chairlift, Levi Six, will replace the current Taalo anchor lift number 6. The modernization of the popular Northeast Slope area began in 2021, with the reprofiling of slope 6.1, the installation of automated snowmaking, and LED lighting. The combined investments in lifts and slopes will cost over 13 million euros.

The construction of the lift will commence in early May, and the new Levi Six chairlift will be in operation by the beginning of next year's skiing season, around mid-October," says Jouni Palosaari, CEO of Levi Ski Resort.

A First-Class Chairlift Experience

The Levi Six chairlift is almost identical to the Levi West chairlift, featuring a direct-drive motor, a floating lower frame, and it operates quietly and efficiently. The main difference from Levi West is the relocation of the drive mechanism to the upper station, improving the lift's energy efficiency and making the lower station nearly silent.

Boarding the chairlift is easy via the loading carpet, and skiers and snowboarders sit in Premium seats, which are wider and heated. Each passenger enjoys an individually contoured seat with padded individual backrests and neck supports, providing the utmost lateral support, comfort and luxury. The optimal seat geometry is based on specialized ergonomic studies, offering the best travel experience. A safety bar between the legs ensures a safe experience, especially for children.

Additionally, a transparent protective dome shields passengers from wind and snow, and the chairlift is equipped with a sway damper for added stability.


Durability and environmental protection

The 2DDD drive system (Doppelmayr Direct Drive) no longer requires gearbox oil, and hydraulic systems have been significantly reduced, focusing only on brake, emergency operation, and tensioning hydraulics. These components have been replaced with electric control motors that operate functions such as opening and closing the protective dome and gear storage. All hydraulic systems and emergency operation units have external collection basins and tanks for potential leaks.

The electric control centers are designed to be air-cooled. After installation is complete, all packaging materials will be returned to the manufacturer for recycling. Numerous transport racks and cable reels are made of steel.

The 2DDD drive system concept is more energy-efficient than a traditional drive system consisting of an electric motor and gearbox.

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Award-Winning Customer-Centric Ski Resort

Levi has always strived to be a pioneer in the development of ski resorts. Levi Ski Resort is committed to providing its customers with top-notch services and unforgettable experiences in the fell. Levi Ski Resort was awarded as the Finnish Ski Resort of the Year for the sixth time at the The Finnish Ski Area Association's spring meeting in May 2023, and it was voted as the Ski Resort of the Year in its country category at the international World Ski Awards on November 13.

"Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance to us, and we actively listen to their feedback as part of our continuous service improvement efforts. The Levi Six chairlift is a highly anticipated addition. Taalo anchor lift number 6 was completed in 1989, so it's time for an upgrade. The number 6 anchor lift was the first lift I built when I started as CEO in 1988," reminisces Jouni Palosaari.

Over Levi's 60-year history, significant growth and development have been achieved, thanks to collaboration, planning, and continuous improvement. Today, a crucial part of this development is snow recycling, enabling the opening of the winter season in early October and offering excellent training opportunities for both domestic and international alpine skiers. With snow recycling and lift upgrades, Levi has further solidified its position as a significant alpine and cross-country skiing destination, both nationally and internationally.


• Traction length: 1,225 m
• Elevation difference: 293 m
• Capacity: 3,000 passengers per hour
• Travel speed: 5 m/s
• Ride time: 3.24 minutes
• Number of chairs: 62

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