New Tesla Supercharger-station with 4 V3-stalls in Levi
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New Tesla Supercharger-station with 4 V3-stalls in Levi

Tesla opened a new Supercharger-station with 4 V3-stalls to Levi. The site is great support for EV travelers in the area and for people on holiday in Levi without AC charging possibilities.

A week ago Tesla announced the opening of a new Supercharger-station in Levi as part of the intensive expansion of the Supercharger network in 2022. The Supercharger in Levi, with four V3-stalls, is located close to route 79 just before central Levi in northern Finland. This site will be a great support for EV travelers in the area and for people on holiday in Levi without AC charging possibilities. This site, together with Oulu (upcoming) and Rovaniemi, makes traveling from southern to northern Finland easy and fast. The Supercharger is right next to Levi Gondola where people experience an adventurous summertime and go skiing during winter. People charging can benefit from restaurants, grocery stores and ski facilities at walking distance.

- It’s fantastic that the Tesla Supercharger station is now located here in Levi, on the north main route. The station is close to convenient services and keeps you charged when you're away from home. We want to support electric cars and this step is a perfect fit for our corporate responsibility program. At Levi Ski Resort, our operations include year-round travel and activity services on the slopes, as well as various support services – all of it in a sustainable manner, says the CEO of Levi Ski Resort Ltd, Jouni Palosaari.

Over 100 million Supercharger kilometers have so far been delivered to Finnish customers, which shows that long journeys by electric car have become the new normal.

Third-generation Supercharging technology
V3 Supercharging is a technology that considers the large capacity and widespread deployment of electric cars.  Today, there are thousands of Supercharger stations in Europe using V3 technology, and the first V3 station in Finland was commissioned two years ago in Huittinen. Since then, Tesla has only installed V3 Supercharging technology in all new stations in Finland and elsewhere in Europe, in addition to the already widespread and high-speed V2 network.

In order to make more and more people to choose an electric car as the next car, Tesla believes that charging must be faster. Tesla's new V3 Superchargers can reach a peak power of up to 250 kilowatts, which means even shorter charging stops when making an electric long trip in a Tesla. The Model 3 Long Range and the new Model Y SUV can charge up to 120 kilometers in five minutes on a V3 Supercharger, and the average charging sequence is expected to be around 15 minutes.

What is a V3 Supercharger?

  • Third-generation technology brings with it faster travel.- 250 kW peak power and smooth power supply without power distribution.

  • The Model 3 can be charged for up to 275 kilometers in about 15 minutes.

  • The average charging pause time is about 15 minutes.

  • More than 730 Supercharger stations and more than 7,000 charging stations in Europe.

Pan - European network

Today, there are more than 730 stations in Europe with more than 7,000 chargers, making it easy to travel through 29 countries. However, 90% of all charging takes place at home or at work, where the car is parked anyway. This means that electric car owners have a car loaded every day, allowing the owner of a Model 3 to travel up to 626 kilometers.

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Tesla V3-stall at Levi Gondola area



Jouni Palosaari, CEO, Oy Levi Ski Resort Ltd, email

Levi Ski Resort Ltd is one of the Nordics’ most popular ski resorts and Finland’s leading year-round activity resort. Levi Ski Resort’s success is built on the resort’s professional staff, advanced technological capabilities and the annual Alpine World Cup races. Levi Ski Resort’s business operations focus on the sales of ski lift passes, ski school courses, equipment rentals and the sales of quality outdoor clothing via the resort’s own stores.

In addition, the affiliated company Levi Restaurants Ltd offers on-piste restaurant services. Levi Restaurants Ltd is part of the Levi Ski Resort Group. Levi Ski Resort has committed to the ISO 14001 environmental system as the first ski resort in the Nordic countries. Respect and care for the arctic environment form the core of the company’s values.

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